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May 24, 2019 at 13:13
Google Play Flooded by Fake Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Apps
The number of fake cryptocurrency and blockchain tech apps in the Google Play Store increases along with the Bitcoin (BTC/USD) price. The cyber-criminals tend to up their dirty games when the cryptocurrency prices rise by creating different scams and malevolent crypto-related apps.
May 17, 2019 at 16:15
Cryptojacking is No Longer an Issue?
After the recent shutdown of Coinhive, many people have reported that there has been a drop in the number of cryptojacking incidents. With that in mind, we’ll now take a look into whether cryptojacking is a thing of the past, or if it still continues to be a problem for users of cryptocurrency.
Jan 12, 2019 at 11:33
Cryptojacking is the Agent for Over 4% of Monero’s Circulation Supply, Study Reveals
Monero (XMR), the 14th largest Crypto by market cap, has confirmed its position as the most famous token with cryptojackers, even surpassing Bitcoin (BTC) – the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Monero is currently trading at $45.65 USD (-14.16%) and its market cap is $762.3 USD million.
Dec 03, 2018 at 16:51
Crypto Mining Malware has Become a New Way of Tricking Innocent Users
Ransomware has always been the main means of getting access to easy money for cybercriminals. However, the tendency shifted since new powerful financial technology began to evolve. Cryptocurrency mining platforms, especially those focused on Bitcoin and Monero, have become the favourite victims of malware programs.
Sep 26, 2018 at 13:27
Cryptojackers Penetrate Google Play Once More
As revealed in a report from SophosLab's Pankaj Kohli, Google Play is spreading malevolent applications posing as games, educational instruments or system utilities but which actually use your Android gadget to mine digital currency.
Sep 04, 2018 at 11:23
Firefox to Stop In-Browser Cryptojacking Using New Enhanced Feature
Mozilla Firefox users are more likely to observe cryptocurrency mining malware scripts blocked by default in upcoming releases of the improved web browser. Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation.
Aug 25, 2018 at 12:01
Hackers Still Cryptojack Smartphones to Mine for Cryptos, Security Researchers Reveal
Recently, security experts found that hackers are currently mining for Cryptos with the help of smartphones. The Daily Mail on Wednesday, August 22, reported the increasing risk and pointed out the need to effectively protect and secure user's smartphones.
Jun 27, 2018 at 12:49
Cryptojacking Is Now the Other Forechosen Option to Ransomware Attacks
Cryptojacking, that is quickly emerging as another option to ransomware, is a way of cyberattack used by hackers to hijack the damaged system's processing power when carrying out cryptocurrency mining.
Feb 13, 2018 at 13:23
Government Websites Have Been Hijacked by Wicked Crypto Miners
In a hack attack, the government websites, including the Information Commissioner's Office and thousands of other sites around the world have been running a malware program that uses the visitor’s computer to mine Monero, a cryptocurrency, which like Bitcoin is blockchain based, but with a greater concentration on transaction privacy.
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