Cryptojacking Is Now the Other Forechosen Option to Ransomware Attacks

Jun 27, 2018 at 11:49 // News
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Cryptojacking instead of ransomware

Cryptojacking, that is quickly emerging as another option to ransomware, is a way of cyberattack used by hackers to hijack the damaged system's processing power when carrying out cryptocurrency mining.

Quick Heal, an IT security company, showed that this kind of cyberattack has negatively affected over 3 million users worldwide just within the first five months of this year, with the population of mobile cryptojacking malware variants increasing from 8 last year to 25 by May this year, indicating a three-fold growing, according to the first post.

The security experts from Quick Heal anticipates the number of cybercriminals that are leveraging cryptojacking as a profitable way of spawning illegal revenues will highly increase.

Cryptojacking attempts to cause damage up to now remain undetected which gives attackers advantage to use these compromised structures to carry out cryptocurrency mining until they get tired, which is not the case with ransomware.

Ways Through Which Attacks Can be Launched

The attacks can be carried out in two different ways that includes: -the cybercriminal makes sure that the website is first infected and pop-up ads with a Javascript-based cryptocurrency mining script that is set when users visit compromised websites or click on the damaged ads, secondly, - the hacker puts a cryptocurrency mining code on the user's system minus his/her knowledge and permission via an infected file or link.

Quick Heal further said that in all these circumstances,  hackers don't require even to first install a necessary code, they just open an already infected link to switch on the system into a cryptocurrency mining machine and create immediate huge returns on investment for the attackers.

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