Lombardy Region Adopts Blockchain in Public Administration

Aug 25, 2019 at 10:15 // News
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Now, a maximum of 10 minutes is needed for the whole administrative procedure.

The Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Lombardy, Italy, has started adopting blockchain tech in public administration (PA). Now, a maximum of 10 minutes is needed for the whole administrative procedure. This has made the Lombardi region to the vanguard of blockchain and cryptoasset implementation.

Back in Sept 2018, Cinisello Balsamo, started exploring the technology with the "Nidi gratis", an initiative supporting welfare. Registration and confirmation of info actually takes like 2 - 10 minutes, producing an acceleration of administrative processes.

The main aim is to streamline and expedite access to the service by eliminating over 70 percent of bureaucracy and red tape. This is one of the first distributed ledger tech (DLT) tryouts stimulated by a PA that can signify an extremely significant stride to the swift growth of blockchain in all regions of the country.  

Putting Italy on Top  

At the disposal of the residents of Cinisello Balsamo, a free web app and a mobile app will be made available that will automatically check, through a secure platform for the exchange of info based on DLT or blockchain, the possession of all the requisites for zeroing fee of the nest. Possible involvement in the call will be immediate and verified certificates on blockchain will be immediately available in personal wallets.  

The transition to DLT was envisaged by a resolution sanctioned on the suggestion of the Silvia Piani. The provision has already been applied by the municipal administration and the MoU between Lombardy’s Vice President Fabrizio Sala, the regional councilor on innovation Silvia Piani and the Mayor Giacomo Ghilardi, has also been signed.  

These two regions have been working together to put Italy on the map when it comes to the application of disruptive technologies involving internet of things, blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, etc. In mid-July, Cinisello and Lombardy officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding to implement blockchain, as well as set a target of launching the first test application of the innovation.

Italy has other regions that are trying to explore the potential of distributed ledger. For instance, Napoli is exploring the possibility of conducting elections using a blockchain-based e-voting system. Earlier this year, Milan was crowned the “Italian capital of innovation,” and we talk now there is a legislation about smart contract and DLT that is underway. There is much optimism that with this adoption pace, the use of adoption will spread in the entire parts of the country.

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