9 Tips for Bitcoin & Blockchain Investors in Italy

Apr 12, 2019 at 11:10 // News
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Blockchain technology has been an admiration in Italy because of many significant factors including its decentralization

Because of far-flung use cases of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a lot of Italians and other people globally have been asking how to securely invest in this nascent technology. Here are the main tips and factors investors in Italy need to understand before investing in the crypto, blockchain and distributed ledger technology sector.

Blockchain technology has been an admiration in Italy because of many significant factors including its decentralization (not being owned by a single entity), the data being kept cryptographically, as well as, its immutability, secure and transparency nature. 

Conduct High-End Research 

Make sure that distributed ledger is part of your portfolio investment portfolio. Don’t exaggerate and make conclusions in a gradual way. Blockchain is one of the fertile investments that could have massive profits in the future. The way distributed ledger technology is today is the same way the internet was in 2002 – in other words, it’s still embryonic – hence, you should undertake thorough research before planning to invest in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies. 

Choose the Right Assets 

Some blockchain assets like cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.), tokens, stocks and others, are more likely to become futile in the time to come, so by making a good choice, your position will automatically remain extremely significant. 

Follow the Perfect Discipline, and Make Use of Update Statistics & Principles 

Having a strict and stringent discipline is compulsory if you want to maintain long-term success. Also, use the past, current, and future charts patterns and statistical analysis. They serve best as the benchmark for timing with inordinate entry and exit points. 

Have a Variety of Cryptocurrencies 

Never tie yourself to one crypto – always select a variety of cryptocurrencies so that if you make fewer profits or losses on this coin, you can benefit on the remaining ones and not lose out completely. In other words “never put all of your eggs in one basket.” There are over 1000 genuine cryptocurrencies, you can choose your best two or more to invest in. 

The Venture of Security Tokens 

Considering the decentralization stratagem, then, Security Tokens are indeed the new asset. Taking fundraising as the main concern, Security Tokens stands tall as a big opportunity for Blockchain investors especially in this very year, even in 2022 and beyond. Cryptoassets are by and large hyper-volatile which must also be well-thought-out. 

Volatility Factor 

With the Volatility factor, the distributed ledger and cryptocurrency sector tends to be faster and more rapid. High-volatility results in making investment and transactions rapid. Nevertheless, the number of trades in the list shouldn’t increase frequently but should also go down. 

Make Sure You Trade Less 

Because of the volatile nature of crypto, trading less could possibly bring a significant amount of profits if the timing is precisely correct. 

Dealing with very high-investment with trivial positions is a threat when related to a small investment with positive positions. 

Deal with your Emotions in the Correct Way 

In every business, emotions and sentiments are considered to be your worst enemy. This holds particularly in the digital currency sector, based on the factor that cryptos are highly volatile. This is indeed an individual (standalone) place, and the market does want to know whether or not you are nervous, emotional, depressed, disappointed….  

Give Importance to Discipline & Risk Management   

When trading virtual currencies, make sure you ascertain your purposes and the timeframe for your trade. Traders that have a petite timeframe and lesser risk tolerance will automatically become economically successful and prosperous in the international market. 

Remember, although blockchain is still young in Italy, Europe, America and the world as well, it is being used in a variety of projects, applications and sectors such as the healthcare sector, culture & tourism, banking, enterprise asset management, energy, agrifood, sports, supply chain, industry 4.0, art, Made in Italy and others, because of its notable benefits including: efficiency, auditability, traceability, security, feedback etc.

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