5 Tips for Creating a Winning CV for Blockchain and Crypto Jobs

Dec 23, 2021 at 12:55 // News
Coin Idol
One needs to makes good CV to find a nice blockchain job

Blockchain and crypto professions have been grey areas until recently when the industry stood the test of the coronavirus and employed even more people to work as developers, managers, writers, analysts, engineers, and more. However, finding that dream crypto or blockchain job greatly relies on the quality of a CV.

The blockchain and crypto world has grown in an unprecedented way since its debut in 2009 and as such, it constantly seeks experts to drive its advance. It is one of the few industries that witnessed growth during the economic downturn as a result of COVID-19. Most top higher institutions of learning are also exploring the crypto and blockchain industry. As per the report by CoinIdol, a world blockchain news outlet, even the top universities now offer crypto and blockchain courses at various levels.

The industry has more to offer to jobseekers. With a wide range of positions including cryptocurrency analysts, writers and researchers, legal consultants, contract developers, and more, the industry is not any different from the traditional job market. Moreover, the crypto and blockchain industry has advantages over them due to its flexibility and ability to operate fully remotely.

Now comes the challenging part of finding a job in the industry: the need for a robust resume to highlight your background, skills, and accomplishments in a way that is credible to the potential employer. Here are some tips that could be helpful. 


Standing out among applicants

It is possible that there are thousands of job seekers competing for just one position and an ideal candidate is one who tailors their resume to match with the job being offered. Going over the job description (JD) several times is a good practice. 

Keeping it short and simple

Although employers are not strict on the length of a CV, a 10-page resume might seem weird. Typically, a 2-3 paged resume suffices. Research has revealed that employers spend on average six seconds reading a CV and they certainly would not have time to look at long resumes. So it is very important to denote the most important things a candidate wants to draw attention to without adding unnecessary “water”. 

It doesn’t hurt to involve another pair of eyes

It is always good to try and avoid errors—grammar and spelling mistakes, misused punctuation, and other blunders as much as possible. If possible, sending out your resume to a couple of friends to look at and give feedback reduces errors. 

A resume template is helpful

Using a template is not considered plagiarism but seen as a way of keeping on track with document structuring and content generation. There are millions of sector-specific templates online for potential crypto and blockchain job seekers to utilize.

A CV must be up to date

Successful applicants are those that remove and add information to their CV from time to time to include most recent positions, skills, and other experiences relevant to the job they are applying for.  

Besides having a great CV, any potential crypto or blockchain job seeker must possess the right attitude—the curiosity to learn more about crypto and blockchain and sharing the Satoshi Nakamoto ideology, be able to research and face new challenges.

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