Webercoin Is the Fuel for the Web Ad Ecosystem

Apr 27, 2018 at 13:53 // PR
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Webercoin is the fuel for the web ad ecosystem

Social networking sites are now an integral part of our life. Over the years, these social media platforms have served as the means of communication and connecting to various strata of the society.

The interaction on this social platform builds our profile which becomes valuable to the advertisers. This is because only after evaluating our behavioural pattern on social media and online shopping pattern, these advertisers demarcate their target audience for the promotion of their products. But nowadays it seems that social media platform has turned out to be a marketplace rather than a platform for socialization.

Thus, WebAD is crafting an ecosystem which is designed for the advertisers, business owners, and marketers to promote their goods, products, and services by using the blockchain technology and reach their target audience. WebAd believes that this will make the social platform less cumbersome and provide a dedicated platform to the business owners for serving their promotional purpose. For this, WebAd will utilize the location of the business owners and the desired audience who are in proximity to each other, so that they can be reached first. Besides, the sponsored ads will also reach out to a wider section of the society. This strategy will be beneficial for the small and medium enterprises and help business owners to expand their business and promote their products.

But for the smooth functioning of the strategies, WebAd will require a network which is effective and transparent. Thus, blockchain technology can be of great help for creating a network and urge the users for their support. The latest cryptocurrency Ethereum can provide this transparency which is essential for the growth of crowd economy. Thus, WedAd will have Ethereum as its computer engine along with InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) as the storage mechanism. WebAd envisions becoming transparent and decentralized with a vast arena of apps that can be relied on the Ethereum platform.

The WebAd platform will be implemented using a combination of mobile applications and web apps. This will help in catering to both personal and business needs. But for the functioning of the WebAd platform, fuel is required. Thus, by using the blockchain technology, WebAD will function by using the Webercoin (WBC) tokens which are to be issued during the token sale. This token will ensure the interest of the participants who invest in the platform for the expansion of their business. The WBC token will be the mode of payment that the advertisers require in order to buy advertising space on the WebAd platform. This will help advertisers avail the advertising units on the WebAd Platform.

The Webercoin tokens will be the initial revenue source for the WebAd platform members. The platform administrators can accept the direct sale of WBC tokens for Ether at a similar rate as offered to the WBC token holders. The advertising revenue earned from the media buys will go to the WBC pool and the administrator fund in equal halves. Besides, the ETH which will be received from the direct sale of Webercoin tokens will be utilized for marketing the platform and fund development.

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