Victorieum Token is Making Waves with an Integrated Exchange Platform and Full Services Offshore Banking

Oct 23, 2018 at 13:45 // PR
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The advantages that a person acquires through a cryptocurrency transaction are very high.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have created a revolution in the finance and banking sector worldwide. The advantages that a person acquires through a cryptocurrency transaction are very high. The transparency and quick transactions are some other reasons why most of the people are opting for cryptocurrency, but the same currency has become a nightmare for some countries, governments, and banking sectors which led to the ban of cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, there are some countries where cryptocurrencies are made official and are supporting them by providing various benefits whereas, there are some other countries which have imposed a ban on the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The main reason behind this ban is the anonymity and potential risks that are involved in the cryptocurrency. This ban violated the fundamental rights of the citizens of a country, and at the same time, both the country's economy and the citizens are losing monetary benefits of these currencies. Apart from the above mentioned challenges, there are some other challenges caused by the cryptocurrencies in the current world

  • Strict Regulations

  • Lack of information about the transactions

  • Transaction speeds

  • Lack of full banking services for these cryptocurrencies

  • Availability of crypto assets

  • Customer support

  • Different types of crypto products

There are so many companies and financial organisations that are trying to incorporate cryptocurrencies into the regular life of people, but with all the above mentioned challenges it has become impossible to make this happen. This was when Victorieum entered the market. Victorieum is similar to the traditional banks, but the fiat currency is replaced with the cryptocurrencies. Yes, you heard it right. Victorieum is an offshore bank that will deal with the exchange and trading of cryptocurrencies. This bank and its operations are similar to the traditional banks. Customers will receive credit and debit cards, can avail loans, manage cryptoassets with the help of bank.   

The Victorieum token combines blockchain technology with the traditional banking sector. This integration can be considered as one of the best things that have happened to both the banking sector and the blockchain technology. A reliable and highly secured banking system is provided to the cryptocurrency holders, and they can avail all the features by just sitting at home in their comfort.   

Victorieum is a regulated offshore bank that provides high security to clients and also give access to finance and various other worldwide investments. Customers of banks have an option to trade, invest, withdraw, deposit, or even avail loan with the help of this bank. 

Tokens that are provided to the customers are highly useful, and customers can even avail a discount of up to 90% by using the tokens. Token holders of Victorieum are provided with following privileges

  • If they purchase any token during the ICO rounds, they will be provided with a bonus. This bonus can vary from 15% to 40%.

  • A dedicated manager is provided if a customer deposits an amount that is equal to or more than USD 100,000.

  • They can have the savings account as well as daily liquidity account.

  • Full one time KYC to avail the Victorieum facilities.

  • The trading opportunity between non-fiat and fiat currency via Victorieumex platform.

  • A complete KYC must be provided by the customer to avail all the fantastic facilities of the platform. Once the KYC is done, the customer has every right to use the facilities.

  • Crypto-backed loans and insurance coverage are provided for the customers.

  • Fast, reliable, robust, secured and safe platform for financial transactions.

Most of the people are hesitating to invest in cryptocurrencies due to the lack of a traditional banking system that deals with them but with the arrival of Victorieum into the market; there are more people interested in crytpocurrency trading. Victoreium tokens are a huge deal, and they will help in trading and on the exchange platform a lot. If you are in search of a highly reliable platform then Victorieum is the one where you can invest, save, trade, exchange your digital assets without any fear.

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