Understanding Whether Solana is a Good Investment

Dec 28, 2021 at 10:48 // PR
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Solana is the seventh largest cryptocurrency on the market

Bitcoin remains the largest and most popular cryptocurrency on the market right now, but Solana (SOL) is having a huge surge in popularity and interest that means it is really attracting investors attention. Solana is a blockchain network that is used in association with the cryptocurrency token SOL, and it is a programmable blockchain.

It is currently the seventh largest cryptocurrency on the market: a position it has assumed fairly recently. Before this surge of interest, Solana was a fairly unknown cryptocurrency but now that there is mass awareness of the token, forecasters are predicting only good things for the future of Solana. If your interest is piqued, you want to know how crypto works, and you’re wondering whether Solana is the right cryptocurrency for you, then here’s everything you need to know about whether Solana is a good investment: 

Solana Offers Efficiency and Speed

When compared with other blockchain technologies, Solana is attractive because it offers both efficiency and speed. This is something that the two largest blockchain technologies on the market, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are unable to offer right now, which makes Solana stand out from the crowd. Solana is particularly attractive to developers for this reason; they are keen to build within its ecostructure, and where the developers go the investors (and therefore the funding) will follow. 

The fact that several up-and-coming concepts have secured funding to work within the Solana system this year is firm evidence that investors see the benefit in building on the Solana ecosystem, and this is something that is only set to continue. Development speed and efficiency is something that some would argue blockchain technologies have been sorely lacking, but Solana is on track to change all that: perhaps this technology could revolutionize the industry.

Solana Cuts Out the Middleman

One of the many reasons why users find blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies so appealing is that they make using and accessing your money so much more affordable. Technologies such as Ethereum and Solana have taken this one step further by cutting out the middleman all together.  There is no need for financial institutions or intermediaries when you are using a cryptocurrency like Solana. Solana, more than any other cryptocurrency, has focused on securing development projects from decentralised finance (DeFi) which focus on executing all of their financial transactions solely over the blockchain system. This means that their users and investors can effectively be the masters of their own destiny; buying and selling Solana without needing any intermediaries to conduct the transfer on their behalf. There is something incredibly appealing about this proposition. 

Why is Solana Different? 

Surely one blockchain technology is the same as the next, right? Well whilst there are certainly similarities, there are unique ways in which Solana is different. As mentioned above, their ability to take advantage of DeFi is a huge plus. What’s more, Solana has also prioritised the use of smart contracts. These are programmes that are developed and then stored on the blockchain; these programmes are then only run when the predetermined conditions that are included in the programme are met, ensuring that everyone knows what the outcome will be (and when and why, too). It’s important to note that decentralization is crucial for the progression of this type of technology, and without it, there will be no development and enhancement. 

Solana also uses the proof-of-history (PoH) consensus: this leads to increased levels of trust amongst its users, because any message that is sent via the network is logged and recorded, meaning that users can never claim to be surprised by any changes in value or increase in fees. Everything is completely open, honest, and transparent. 

Should You Invest in Solana?

So, the million-dollar question is, should you invest in Solana? Sadly, that is a question that only you can answer as it will differ depending on individual needs and circumstances. Solana is certainly a rapidly growing blockchain technology with a strong focus on development and innovation that will see it thrive over the coming months. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t drawbacks to opting for Solana as your cryptocurrency of choice: as it is only the seventh largest cryptocurrency on the market right now, there are clearly larger (and perhaps more well-known) options available. What’s more, because Solana’s rise has been so fast, and so considerable, there can be no way of knowing at this point whether this trajectory is only set to continue. But what we do know is that Solana is innovative, incredibly popular with both investors and developers alike: more projects than ever have signed up for development across the Solana network in recent months, and this huge injection of financial input is incredibly vital for the success of the blockchain system. 

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