SIDUS HEROES Closed Beta Launch – a Sneak Peek at the Amazing Updates Coming Next

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SIDUS HEROES offers amazing updates

The most anticipated NFT gaming project SIDUS HEROES has opened its doors to its first users. In the middle of January, the company released a closed beta version of the game that holders of SIDUS GENESIS NFTs were given access to.

The first players dived into the game, a kind of space version of the Klondike-like gold rush, featuring Tesseracts, weapons and a 9.8 million SIDUS prize fund. It wasn’t long before SIDUS HEROES crossed the “10,000 fights played” milestone and 20,000 SIDUS tokens were earned in the game. 

The closed beta version of the game is the first major step in SIDUS HEROES’ long and ambitious roadmap. What are the features drawing users to the game? How can someone join it? And what updates will there be in the public beta version that’s scheduled for launch on January 23rd?

A quick tour of the SIDUS HEROES Universe

SIDUS HEROES is a play-to-earn, MMORPG game powered by NFT, blockchain and WebGL technology. The game immerses players in a universe of many races, civilizations, advanced technologies, planetary systems and interstellar adventures. Kicking off the beta version with the first fighting season and the Battle Arena, SIDUS HEROES will unfold into a fully-fledged universe offering players a selection of occupations, a political system, an advanced social and economic system, infrastructure and DeFi services.

In the best play-to-earn manner, SIDUS HEROES users are rewarded for making advancements through the game, winning battles and upgrading their Heroes. The rewards vary from native tokens (i.e.the SIDUS and the SENATE) to exclusive content hidden inside loot boxes. Soon, players will also be able to mine resources, adopt pets and travel through space to collect resources and catch monsters from the fauna of neutral planets.

The use of WebGL technology makes the game accessible with one click inside a browser. It’s one of SIDUS HEROES’ selling points and makes the game highly accessible.

How to become a Hero and join the Game


SIDUS HEROES is an NFT game and is available to the holders of special NFTs only. The ecosystem includes 3 NFT collections: SIDUS NFT HEROES (original collection), SIDUS ACADEMY and SIDUS GENESIS.

SIDUS NFT HEROES (original collection) was the starting point of the project, an NFT collection issued back in August 2021. These NFT Heroes can't themselves be used to enter the game, but they grant their holders the chance to generate SIDUS GENESIS NFTs for free, which can be used to enter the gaming metaverse. A Genesis card is created by locking one of these original NFTs. SIDUS ACADEMY, on the other hand, is a collection of NFTs that do serve as tickets to the game and are available on the market to anyone. 

SIDUS GENESIS and SIDUS ACADEMY in-game characters vary in terms of the attributes they come with, how fast they can advance through the game and what team bonuses they enjoy. On top of that, each collection is split into 3 rarity levels - Common, Epic and Legendary - which accounts for many of the differences between the Heroes. Important side note: the rarity of a Hero influences its social, economic and political rights, but all Heroes, no matter what their rarity is, come to the battlefield as equals. This is what prevents SIDUS HEROES turning into a play-to-win type of game. 

The closed beta version of the game is only available to SIDUS GENESIS NFT holders, as already stated. So anyone interested in participating in this stage of the game would either have to own or buy an NFT from the original SIDUS NFT HEROES collection and generate their character themselves or purchase a SIDUS GENESIS NFTs from the secondary market. The public beta game will be more inclusive – users who have an ACADEMY NFT in their wallet will also be permitted access to the game.

What awaits players in the Beta Version


SIDUS HEROES beta introduces players to its key element - the Battle Arena. Heroes can fight in PvE mode, PvP mode or in teams of up to 3 Heroes. The SIDUS team is constantly updating its match-making mechanism which picks opponents either by the number of characters in the team or the amount of Experience Points. Thus, players are given the chance to test all modes and team configurations, earn points and gain experience. If players want to try out the full potential of the fighting mechanism, they can still reset their Skill Points and test different combinations so they can find what works best for them.

Winning a series of battles, players are rewarded with Silver or Gold Tesseracts, better described as ‘loot boxes’. Each Tesseract includes building materials that will be in high demand once players move on to constructing infrastructure, items that enable players to upgrade their Heroes and weapons. The rarity level of every Hero determines what items they will find in the Tesseracts. For example, Common Heroes will get items that let them upgrade their weapons and Epic Heroes will be rewarded with materials they can use to upgrade their ammunition. Only through cooperation though will players get a complete set of items. The game was intentionally designed this way to encourage collaborations between Heroes, regardless of their different backgrounds, origins or experience level.

Starting with the public beta, Tesseracts will include Vesting Boxes, a unique reward system developed by the SIDUS HEROES team. A Vesting Box is much like deferred money; the user receives SIDUS tokens that unlock incrementally every month. This mechanism prevents spikes in the supply of tokens on the market so as to ensure the stability of that token’s price.

A 9.8 million SIDUS Prize Fund

In the list of benefits that all early adopters get to enjoy is the opportunity to play an active role in the development of the game, the chance to acquire critical resources as early as possible and eligibility for huge rewards. For the first fighting season that’ll last till the middle of March, SIDUS HEROES has set aside a 9.8 million SIDUS prize fund, which is almost 1 million U.S. dollars! 

By fighting in the Battle Arena and defeating opponents, players accumulate points. At the end of the fighting season, the best 2,000 fighters will receive rewards in SIDUS tokens. The tokens will accumulate on users' in-game balance and will stay in the game. Later, these tokens can be used to upgrade Heroes and equip them with ammunition and other artifacts.

All early SIDUS settlers have the chance to recoup their initial investment and move up to the next league, where they will compete for even bigger rewards in the next fighting season.

Public Beta - the next step in SIDUS HEROES’ development


Soon, SIDUS HEROES will open up to a wider audience. ACADEMY NFT Heroes will join the GENESIS Heroes on the battlefield and compete for a share of the prize fund. The public launch will be followed by the sale of Space Shuttles. A Space Shuttle is the Heroes’ main means of transportation to neighboring planets and faraway asteroids. They also transport cargo, things Heroes will need to explore the universe and mine resources. Along with the Space Shuttle sale, the team will launch the SIDUS Marketplace, which is a one-stop market for all in-game items. There, players will be able to conduct trades in SIDUS native tokens and fund their way up the social structure.

Joining SIDUS HEROES now as an early adopter means you can be an original participant involved at the origins of something that promises to become one of the top AAA-level NFT games on the market. The SIDUS HEROES team will be releasing updates on a weekly basis and keeping in close contact with the community to make sure the game turns out to be every bit as good as they imagined, if not better! 

Learn more about SIDUS HEROES by going to its official social media pages: 

Website | Twitter | Discord

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