myEdge Introduces the First Prediction Markets Comparison Service with Token Conversion

Mar 08, 2018 at 18:10 // PR
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myEdge is the first blockchain-based ecosystem to compare prediction market offers whilst offering a single intermediate token for maximum mobility and minimum funds transfer costs. The comparison offered by myEdge refers players to the best possible outcomes presented by providers and once an offer is selected, the token conversion system facilitates a fast, efficient and low-cost way to wager on any compared platform. The goal is to simplify the wager process and eliminate the need for countless currencies by using a single leading token for the blockchain prediction industry. The company’s high calibre team of data, technology and industry experts includes Ophir Gertner, co-founder of prediction market Stox.  

myEdge will operate on top of cryptocurrency-supported platforms to ensure players have control over their funds with the ability to quickly mobilize them and the safety of trustless smart contracts as the way for player and provider to escrow funds, eliminating any concern from payment issues.

Prediction markets have seen significant growth in various domains, from economic derivatives, political events, to sports predictions and Forex. But there is an underside to this growth, for instance that $400 billion is illegally wagered on sports each year. Decentralised prediction markets overcome many of the traditional FIAT player disadvantages with smart contracts, providing secure, private, and safe betting.

“Decentralisation democratises the way prediction markets are run. We are taking this one step further, combining a powerful comparison engine with the advantages of blockchain. We are creating an ecosystem where players only need one single point of access to all platforms to compare offers, maximise the value of their wagers and manage transactions” says Asaf Koren, Founder & CEO of myEdge.

myEdge’s long term goal is to eliminate the downsides for players in prediction markets of multiple currencies and to simplify the wager process by using a standardized token for the industry.

To find out more information, read the myEdge Lightpaper here or visit:    

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