Koles Coin News: Cryptocurrency News Videos, Dec 31

Dec 31, 2016 at 12:16
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The R3’s Corda on Microsoft Azure

The open source network of bank blockchain consortium. Microsoft Azure announces the availabilty of R3's Corda Blockchain. R3's Corda is a distributed ledger for recording and managing financial agreement between regulated financial institutions. I Tech Post reports - It is mainly focused on the benefits of using blockchain systems.

Press and blockchain by Publicism

Blockchain may improve the press freedom. Dutch hostless news medium Publicism is going to provide an opportunity for journalists to publish materials and avoid censorship by utilizing blockchain technology. Coinspot.io reports that new platform ensures anonymity of journalists and their readership.

New Year gifts by E-Dinar Coin

Competition of dreamers. To fulfill your dreams, you need to register in the E-Dinar Coin system and have an E-Dinar Coin wallet, then write what you want and publish on the website http://newyear.edinarcoin.com/. Five winners will be determined by the vote on the 31st of December. Cryptocurrency gives 300 E-Dinar Coin for the first place.

Christmas present by Unocoin and PayUMoney

Bitcoin is rapidly gaining popularity in India. Unocoin, an Indian bitcoin's company, started the partnership with payment gateway - PayUMoney, for providing the users a comfortable environment to purchase the digital currency. For register in PayUMoney system, customer must to use the same number, under which he have the registration in the UnoCoin network.

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