ImmVRse Signs Deal with Award Winning Cyber Security Experts

Mar 23, 2018 at 11:59 // PR
ImmVRse signs deal with experts

ImmVRse, a leader in the field of VR and AR technology are pleased to announce the partnership with Entersoft, an award winning application security company. As we progress into a further hyperconnected world security is paramount, synergizing with Entersoft will prove to be advantageous for both companies.

ImmVRse has decided to enter into partnership with renowned FinTech Award winning global cyber security company, Entersoft. A leading expert in the field of guarding electronic data from criminal and illicit use, Entersoft has worked alongside Cyber intelligence and anti-phishing solutions provider Segasec to provide assistance to a large number of organisations globally to secure their Token sale launch. With their help,  ImmVRse firmly believes it will be able to run their Token sale successfully and securely.

Millions of dollars are invested in Token Sales and  ImmVRse vows to provide a safe environment for all their contributors. Segasec will find, block and remove any phishing sites or other scam attempts whilst tracking down and preventing any incidents before they take transpire. Utilising different plugins, the cyber security experts will remove fake ads and wallets, ensuring potential investors do not fall victim to imposters.

Chief Information Officer of ImmVRse, Mark Higgins commented,

“ImmVRse firmly believes that a proactive approach will ensure the best possible chance of halting scammers and providing reassurance for our contributors. We aim to make security an absolute priority, however, as always, due diligence should always be taken to reduce potential further risks.”

CEO of Entersoft, Paul Kang commented,

“Entersoft are very excited and looking forward to working alongside ImmVRse as a preferred Cyber Security partner. As Token sale attacks become a new normal in 2018, 10 Token sales  on average are hacked every month. Entersoft and Segasec together have helped a large number of companies with their TGE, launch tokens securely, and were successful in making sure they raised funds in a safe and secure manner.”

About Entersoft

Entersoft is an Application security service provider with specific focus on proactive security through security by design. Through managed service offerings, Entersoft currently work with 300+ customers in FinTech, IoT, Blockchain, BFSI and Healthcare. Entersoft help customers achieve a high Application security quotient and instill proactive app security culture in the developers’ DNA. Through offensive assessments, proactive monitoring and pragmatic security, led by a team with over 40 years experience, Entersoft make application security a DevOps responsibility.

The ImmVRse Team

ImmVRse is backed by an ensemble of experts from a range of sectors, including  relevant technologies, IT Management, VR, computer security and blockchain development.

Some of its key team members include:

Farabi Shayor, CEO

Farabi has over 10 years experience in developing market deliverables, brand identities and financial analysis focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Farabi comes from a mix of finance (BSc) and marketing (MSc) background and is now leading a small team from Imperial College London to conduct R&D on VR-Neuroscience.

Limon Rahman, COO & Co-Founder

Limon is a highly driven entrepreneur with practical hands-on experience, forming successful businesses in numerous fields. Additionally, with 15 years of experience within financial control and management, including overseeing budgets over $300m.

Adrian Chan, Head of Marketing

Four years’ experience in Marketing and Journalism, previously Co-Founder of MadBuzzHK, proficiency in online content development. Adrian achieved a MSc in Marketing Communications and Advertising.

Mark Higgins, Chief Information Officer

Mark has 20 years’ experience in IT project management, and is highly experienced in managing multi-million dollar IT infrastructure, disruptive technologies and application projects.

Peter Gostincar, Chief Technical Officer

Peter has over 8 years of experience as a developer, highly skilled in managing large scale software and android app development project with some of the largest companies in EU, proficient in JS, Python PHP, JAVA, and SQL.

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