How can EverLife.AI be Useful for You Today?

Sep 10, 2018 at 11:31 // PR
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EverLife.AI Useful for Today

A question that looms people's mind today is, "How they will be remembered, afterlife?" Human lifespan, without any doubt, has shortened with people working hard to earn a good life before it's too late. Unfortunately, no one is giving this a thought. However, it doesn't mean that all your dreams and aspirations will go in vain.

There is so much in one's lifetime that can be remembered. But what it needs is a platform. EverLife.AI gives you an opportunity to leave a legacy that is memorable. They will not lack anything as long as you have the AI platform to earn for them. 

EverLife.AI as an AI avatar that you build on the EverLife.AI network. As you interact with this immutable avatar, it learns and acquires skills to do all the earning for your family. 

In simple terms, this is the latest technology combining all the applications of other latest technologies. This comes with artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, p2p networking, and smart contracts. It is everything that defines technology. 

Millions of avatars meet on the EverLife.AI network. This is a p2p distributed gossip network. It is all about meeting and performing tasks based on the skills each person has. Through these tasks, users earn EVER tokens – which are just another way of generating real-life opportunities. 

The following are the application for this intelligent system - 

1. It is your life memory
Now imagine that your great-grandchildren and the following generation can remember you long after you are gone. Well, this is possible today, and it shows just how far the human mind can stretch. 

You can simply purchase the Memoir skill from the market. The immutable avatar on the blockchain will then start interviewing you to build your Memoir. It does so at every stage of your life, so nothing is missed. You will actually be building your memory. Many years later, your generation will come to learn from your life experiences. 

2. Custom skill and development
If a developer comes up with a new crypto trading skill for the avatar to trade in EVER vs another cryptocurrency, then developer can publish the skill via his avatar at a certain price. 

You, on the other hand, can ask your avatar to purchase the skill if they are interested. And the process is completed with a transaction. 

3. Marketing and advertisement
The marketing and advertising industry is one of the biggest industries in the world today. Now the network makes it easy for any company to advertise. 

You can simply use EverLife.AI to promote an upcoming event on your social network platform. It is just another way for avatars to make a profit. 

4. Distributed workers 

There is no need for trust in this system of workers. It is the same as working to crack a blockchain. 

Undoubtedly, this is a technology of the future. It is your way to earn benefits for you and your loved ones for years to come. 

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