Helping People to Step Out of the Poverty Cycle and Create Wealth

May 14, 2018 at 15:15 // News
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Helping people to step out of the poverty

Today, problems such as a lack of access to electricity and the Internet, as well as high levels of poverty, don’t allow people to afford smartphones or tablets, leaving billions of people without the advantages of the modern world. This also causes a lack of understanding around technology and finance. Most of the solutions and platforms do not give solutions to this problem.

Kora is a new project that aims to help people around the world who are underserved by the current financial system. It provides an opportunity for emerging economies to step out of the poverty cycle and create wealth. By using the advantages of Blockchain technology, Kora approach this at the foundational level, allowing communities to reliably record their operations on a trusted ledger while accessing cheaper, faster, and more secure financial services.

Providing Groundbreaking Technology Solution to Emerging Markets

The Kora Network is a public blockchain that serves as a trust engine and powers various communities in a mesh of private blockchains that provide financial services such as record-keeping, entering and enforcing agreements, payments, lending and access to capital markets that help people grow their wealth.

This project intends to help unlock the untapped capital sitting stagnant in emerging economies. Currently, Kora’s team is running a User Testing program in Nigeria, working with 300 farmers to provide them with the ability to send and receive funds from Cities to rural areas in a faster, more efficient, and more secure way at low cost.

Moreover, they are designing the actual product for our Beta in Ghana with farming co-ops, where we would be using blockchain to track the whole agricultural value chain.

However, to further develop this idea to life and bring the Kora Network to communities in emerging markets, the team of Kora is now holding a crowdsale of its in-platform token KNT.  

Kora’s team stated about the crowdsale:

“Kora is focused on being the engine for economic growth across emerging markets because we see the huge infrastructural deficits and a huge opportunity to leapfrog. Application of Blockchain would enable us open up these blue ocean to the global economy in a more efficient way.”

Special Benefits

According to them, by using investment to build and roll out their strategy, Kora can help create economies of scale, ultimately leading to more capital being released into the local and global economy, benefiting all.

Kora is offering discounts on the purchase price of KNT up to 30% for those who get in early. The public sale is now life till the end of May 2018.

They would be deploying Kora Network beta in July 2018, and then they would be working tirelessly to get the Kora Network to the mainnet.

Stay up to date on our progress by following the Kora website or social media handles.

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