Digest: Twitter to Ban Crypto Ads, Blockchain Tech in New Zealand, and Cryptocurrencies Don’t Pose Risk

Mar 28, 2018 at 07:49 // News
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Today’s most important news from the world of Blockchain and crypto currency: Twitter may ban Bitcoin related ads, Bank of England governor Mark Carney stated that crypto currencies don’t pose risk, New Zealand to become a living Blockchain laboratory

Twitter to Ban Cryptocurrency Ads

Just as Facebook and Google recently put a ban on cryptocurrency advertisements, Twitter has been reported to do the same. The ban may take place in the coming two weeks and will forbid the advertising of ICOs, token sales, crypto wallets, as well as crypto exchanges. 

Twitter has had a tough time these last weeks. The social media company had to block     cryptocurrency profiles because there had appeared a great number of scam accounts.

FSB Chair Says Cryptocurrencies Don’t Pose Risk to the Global Financial Market

Bank of England governor Mark Carney stated in a letter to representatives of the G20 that cryptocurrencies do not pose any possible threat to the financial market. Carney, being a chairman of the Financial Stability Board, rejected the perspective of putting regulation on digital currencies, such as Bitcoin.

The FSB's initial assessment is that crypto-assets do not pose risks to global financial stability at this time, – Mr Carney said in a letter to G20

New Zealand be the Top Favorable Environment for Blockchain

New Zealand is regarded to be a new global blockchain center, as there have recently spawned a great number of blockchain startups, especially those that have raised millions through ICOs.

FintechNZ general manager James Brown said that New Zealand is “a living laboratory” for creating new projects and inventions which will have a significant influence on the world’s financial market.

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