Twitter May Ban Cryptocurrency Ads, Following Facebook and Google’s Lead

Mar 20, 2018 at 11:29 // News
Coin Idol
Twitter may ban cryptocurrency ads

Just as Facebook and Google recently put a ban on cryptocurrency advertisements, Twitter has been reported to do the same. The ban may take place in the coming two weeks and will forbid the advertising of ICOs, token sales, crypto wallets, as well as crypto exchanges.

According to reports, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the social network company, gave some slight hints concerning the banning issue, while answering the provocative question about the high rate of scams involving digital currencies, especially Bitcoin.

Actually, Twitter has had a tough time these last weeks. The social media company had to block cryptocurrency profiles because there had appeared a great number of scam accounts. In its turn, this spawned a new problem because real users but not bots had had their Twitter pages disabled.  

Twitter also expressed its deep concerns about illicit activities on the microblogging platform. The social network giant probably decided that it would be better to abandon advertising all crypto coins existing on the cryptocurrency market in order to prevent further problems.

It is worth mentioning, that Facebook had conducted a similar fintech ban at the beginning of February and Google followed the lead just last week. The world’s largest companies aim at destroying the opportunity for scammers to perform their gimmicky businesses, gaining enormous amounts of money on the popular Internet platforms.

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