Imprisoned OneCoin Crypto Launderer Faults the US Court’s Lawsuit Against Him

Feb 06, 2020 at 12:34 // News
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Beware of cryptocurrency ponzi schemes

American attorney Mark Scott, who used to work for one of the biggest digital currency Ponzi schemes, OneCoin, is now trying to get an exoneration just three months after his conviction by a U.S court of illicit operations, money laundering and scams.

As per the latest news coming from the New York Southern District Court, it is clear that the court filing tasked the attorney’s councils by questioning the credibility of some witnesses presented by his prosecuting attorneys, appealing that he had only met two out of the seventeen witnesses fetched to testify against him – he added that he met these witnesses for just one time. It’s from that point his attorneys contended that the whole evidence presented by these accused witnesses plus other participants was generally not enough to cause any unbiased persuasion or verdict.

Mark was found guilty of having participated in money laundering in November last year for Ruja Ignatova, founder of the fraudulent scheme started some good years back. A Manhattan jury consisting of 12 people had given a wrong verdict to the attorney, finding enough evidence that the attorney had laundered around $400 million in the best interest of the punter (his client). Furthermore, it is assumed that he also paid a fees of around $50 mln for his services offered.

Be Aware of Cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes

During that time, Mark maintained his stance that he wasn’t aware of the deceitful nature of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme while he was working for the punter Ruja. Nevertheless, the court never accepted his ignorant arguments, and they handed the remorseful verdict instantly and he was therefore indicted for a plot to commit bank fraud, and money laundering, thus found not innocent of both conspiracies.

Many schemes of this nature have left numerous people (investors) crying helplessly, for instance, in Africa particularly in South Africa, a fraudulent investment scheme persuaded investors by promising them abnormal profits as soon as they invest (in just 14 days), but to their surprise the companies closed abruptly.

Some authorities have managed to look for solutions of such projects, for instance, a court in Italy seized over 90 social pages and websites that were promoting OneCoin services. The police in Genoa also started serious investigations on a merchant that lost over 30,000 euros through the purchase of fake digital currency, as с, world blockchain news outlet, has previously reported.

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