Google has Registered a Record For News Outlet: 5,000 Page Views per Day Within 9 Months

May 10, 2017 at 06:04
Coin Idol, the world blockchain news outlet, has hit 5000 daily pageviews within 9 months. The first article at was published on July 3, 2016, and by April 21, 2017, the Google analytical system has registered a record amount of pageviews for

The team of is creating the second world project of a blockchain and fintech news outlet. But now, the development of the project is going much faster, than with the previous one. 60% of the advertising space on the website is full for the 6 months ahead. 

George Gor, CEO of, commented on this event: 

"This record was officially registered by the Google analytics system. It's an excellent present for my Birthday! We have grown an excellent audience in 174 countries around the world, 1000s of visitors from which read our world news outlet daily. 50% of our audience are from the US and UK, we hope that more and more new countries will read our news every day. Our team of correspondents and experts provide excellent reviews of the world markets. Our brand new hero Coinidol, who you know and love from our pictures, will continue to search for the ideal coin for you to use and invest in."

Johanna, COO and co-founder of Bitcoin PR Buzz commented:

"As a cryptocurrency newswire we have seen a great surge in blockchain oriented news sites. However, CoinIdol stands out as a online magazine that is not afraid of controversial topics. The cryptocurrency industry is decentralized by nature which offers a great opportunity for media to truly enjoy the freedom of speech, we are delighted to see that CoinIdol has seized the opportunity. As long as they stay true to their conviction we are certain that their numbers will keep increasing.", April

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