Buzzshow- A Revolutionary Social Video Network Platform Powered by Blockchain Technology

Mar 01, 2018 at 12:14 // PR
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Buzzshow is a revolutionary social video network platform

No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution. Revolution is nothing but thought carried into action.

Blockchain Technology is the trailblazer of the next industrial revolution. Blockchain-based solutions are revamping various industries and revoking innovations per diem. One of such projects is Buzzshow- an ICO that came in 2018. BuzzShow is a fully developed reward-based social media video network that rewards the users with BuzzShowGoldies for producing, sharing and viewing videos.

Online video streaming has become a popular internet activity for billions of internet users around the world. Businesses are willing to spend more than $20,000 on video marketing per annum due to its reach as well as impact. However, the fundamental roadblock that exists in the system is that actual video creators are not rewarded as per their contributions. They are either paid less or not at all. BuzzShow has initiated a system where creators are remunerated based on the value which other stakeholders place on their video contents. At the heart of the BuzzShow is the Goldy token which is already embedded in the BuzzShow platform. Video Creators earn Goldies every time their video is added to a channel and each time it is viewed. Not just the creators, this system pays Goldies to video Curators every time they share videos and each time a video is viewed via their channel.

Intermediaries in centralized large corporations are eliminated. This is a fundamental feature of the Blockchain Technology. Large corporations enjoy large profits providing no autonomy to advertisers as well as viewers. For instance, advertisers are unable to choose the videos where their ads should be placed. However with BuzzShow, they have the liberty to choose the videos on the basis of targeted markets. Creators are paid with Goldies by advertisers to buy ad space. Content creators are free to express their opinion, as long as the content does not border on hate speech or infringe the rights of others. Contents are validated by moderators who earn Goldies in return. Moderators flag inappropriate contents to ensure that users do not violate BuzzShow’s terms and conditions which include a zero tolerance to racist contents. Viewers get to earn Goldies when they watch videos on the platform, and they can use these Goldies to pay for premium content from their favourite channels.

BuzzShow, with the help of the Blockchain has provided a platform with equal opportunites, where ideas can be shared. It is establishing a system of autocracy in the online video streaming industry where power lies with the creators and the viewers. Additionally, the social space on YouTube and Facebook does not belong to the users. It belongs to the firm, and they reserve the right to delete, block and close channels and accounts based on their discretion. But with BuzzShow, the channel owners and content creators are empowered with the well-deserved rights. BuzzShow is indeed a revolution which should be embraced by all.

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