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Mar 07, 2018 at 17:29
Carrefour to Expand its Blockchain-based Food Traceability Programme
French supermarket group Carrefour announced on Tuesday that it would enlarge its food traceability system based on Blockchain technology to add eight more products by the end of this year. At the present moment, the fintech programme includes only some chickens.  
Feb 15, 2018 at 16:06
South Africa Considers JP Morgan’s Blockchain Tech to Incorporate in Banks
The South African Reserve Bank announced on February 13 that it is working with the Brooklyn-based Ethereum startup ConsenSys on a trial program using JP Morgan’s open source blockchain platform Quorum. It will help to deal with interbank clearing and settlement.
Feb 13, 2018 at 18:37
Microsoft to Use Tech behind Bitcoin in its Decentralized IDs App
Microsoft has announced in an official post that the company will embrace decentralized identity systems built on blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. One of the main corporations on the financial market will support blockchain-based decentralized IDs (DIDs) via the Microsoft Authenticator app.
Feb 13, 2018 at 17:03
Gaming Standards Association Sets Up Gaming Blockchain Committee
A new Committee concerning blockchain use has been set up by both the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) and Gaming Standards Association Europe (GSA Europe) according to an announcement GSA made at ICE Totally Gaming, where the organization celebrated its 20th anniversary.
Nov 06, 2017 at 13:36
How to Become a Blockchain Specialist and Where is the Profession Required?
Bitcoin and Blockchain-related jobs are becoming increasingly popular today. That’s why the issue of a relevant education is becoming a topic of interest as well.
Oct 12, 2017 at 15:45
Tokenization of Real Estate: from New Investment Options to the Futuristic Cities of Tomorrow
With the emergence of blockchain, lots of industries are looking into the options it can bring about. Starting as an infrastructure solution for a virtual currency, Bitcoin, the technology then evolved into something bigger.
Oct 03, 2017 at 13:20
Blockchain: a New Stimpack for eSports
The video game industry is on the rise; Online tournaments are close to outshining more traditional sporting events. In some regions of Asia, eSports are exceeding the popularity of athletic sports and may by 2024, for the first time in history, be included Olympics in China.
Sep 07, 2017 at 11:12
Leveraging Crowd-Intelligence for Forecasting and Predictions
Artificial intelligence is breaking onto the scene for managing hedge funds, where they process volumes of data to pick up on patterns that even the most seasoned traders couldn’t see.
Aug 25, 2017 at 13:33
World's First Medical Device ICO
The global healthcare market is predicted to reach $8.7 trillion by 2020, with individual health data under increasing demand from research institutions.

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