AGATE’s iFiat Ecosystem Simplifies Everyday Business And Crypto Transactions

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The iFiat ecosystem is resolving the core problems in the crypto-economy, through blockchain technology.

Agate, a newly launched blockchain is grabbing attention from investors in the crypto world, owing to its lightning fast transaction speeds, at significantly low-cost transaction fees. It has been fuelled by its independent AGT token. The ifiat ecosystem in Agate offers conversion of crypto assets in Fiat currency. Thus the merchants can easily adopt the Agate’s crypto platform without the risk of volatility of such digital assets. By facilitating widespread adoption of crypto currencies , the community can finally utilise their crypto assets breaking geographical barriers, Merchants can also adopt cryptocurrencies as their preferred mode of payment.

The iFiat ecosystem is resolving the core problems in the crypto-economy, through blockchain technology. Agate has introduced iFiat, a Fiat fuelled cryptocurrency, it is highly stable and works like a fiat credit. The fiats issued within the Agate’s blockchain are valued at a 1:1 ratio to its underlying assets. 

Agate’s Blockchain will support the payments from over 17 different cryptocurrencies. Every time a payment made by a customer, the iFiat ecosystem is triggered and the cryptocurrency is subsequently converted into an iFiat. The crypto payments are settled instantaneously and are available for merchants to spend or for withdrawal. Consequently, merchants are enabled to realize the full-dollar value of the products and services being sold. 

Simplified Business and Crypto Transactions with AGATE 

The processing of iFiats is done in a secure environment and circulated within the Agate Blockchain, this enables instant settlements while securing full dollar value of merchants. The redemption of an iFiat into Fiat currency is concern free and smooth. 

With iFiats conversions running on Agate’s fastest decentralized blockchain platforms, all the transactions are recorded permanently in the tamper-proof Agate’s Blockchain explorer. iFiat ecosystem facilitates simpler adoption of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Thus making it easier to implement and understand, for merchants. Although being fully redeemable, merchants can also spend their iFiats in the following manner:

  1. Instantly  load onto Virtual or Physical Debit Card
  2. Request the  transfer to Bank account
  3. Making utility bill payments
  4. Generate Agate’s crypto voucher, redeemable at all Agate merchant outlets

This will enable a faster and low-cost way of redemption, meanwhile ensuring the facilitation of merchants. 

Agate’s Decentralized iBucket

With the support of USD as a Fiat currency, Agate envisions the support of several other currencies such as EUR, GBP, JPY, and AUD.  

A major feature of iFiat Ecosystem is iBucket, a decentralized wallet that managing the user’s iFiat token. 

With the support of iBucket, the users can obtain the highest value of crypto-assets in times of bullish markets.

With the integration of Agate AI Engine and Agate Trading Bot, the user is notified of the best time to convert their digital assets into Ifiats. 

With a support of 17 different cryptocurrencies, users can also play in the volatility of crypto-market and earn additional income using the crypto-payments. 

With significantly low transfer costs (0.01 AGT), secure transactions on Agate’s Blockchain network and support of a stable cryptocurrency iFiat, the Agate’s iFiat ecosystem holds massive potential to bring a revolution within the payments arena while building the way for traditional merchants to add cryptocurrency as their preferred mode of payments.  

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