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Aug 15, 2018 at 13:16 // PR
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There is an increasing need for quality marketing for ICO projects in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. As more startups and money begin circulating on the market, it is becoming more difficult to find dependable experts who can advise and competently conduct an ICO.

Nowadays, there are marketing agencies that provide these services, one of which is the young BeFirst team. After conducting a successful ICO for the Blockchain company Paymon, the BeFirst marketing specialists organized their own agency. Here is an interview with the CEO of the company, Ivan Babaylov.

How did you come up with the idea of creating an agency?

Six months ago, I managed the marketing for Paymon’s ICO project. We tried to find professional marketing specialists who could offer us good ideas on how to promote the project and reach the maximum number of interested people and investors. Marketing for an ICO is not the same as promoting a store or brand. The specific nature of it is expressed in the fact that we can’t use the standard technology or marketing for an ICO project. I realized that there is no decent offers on the ICO agency market, which is why I decided to create my own.

What advantages does BeFirst have in the market?

First, we took the ICO project all the way from idea creation to implementation on our own.

Second, we have the experience and knowledge of which marketing platforms (media, ICO calendars, banner advertising, conferences, etc.) you should work with, and which ones are not worth investing the project's resources.

Third, our team includes advisors and top-level experts from the ICO, Blockchain, and marketing fields, as well as lawyers, programmers, etc.

We made mistakes that cost us tens of thousands of dollars. Now we want to help other startups avoid such losses.

What difficulties do you encounter during this process?

The main difficulty is the complete lack of trust in the ICO market. There are many instances of an ICO project collecting money and disappearing with all the investments. This practice is also prevalent in agencies, as well. During our own ICO period, we ran into scammers who stole our money. I recommend working with only those agencies that have positive reviews and proven experience, which is found in the results of the projects they’ve worked on.

How did you find qualified specialists in such a young and difficult ICO industry?

My agency’s team employs real experts, including marketing specialists, programmers, lawyers, and IR managers. These are people with experience in the ICO field and have already proven their professionalism by seeing our clients' projects through to the end. The market has very few specialists with experience in the Blockchain industry, so the team was formed with professionals from specialized fields, such as marketing, programming, jurisprudence, and IR. Everyone researched the ICO industry during the course of the Paymon project. Now, I can say with confidence that every member of the BeFirst team is a professional in his or her field, specifically within the Blockchain industry.

Tell us about plans for the future

We are going to expand the regions we work with to promote Asian and European ICO projects. We will also improve the quality of our services by introducing an automated collection of detailed analytics for each traffic channel and working only with those traffic channels that produce results.

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