Why Careonchain Is Poised To Become The Most Profitable ICO For Future?

Jul 13, 2018 at 12:43 // PR
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Why have we been saying this? Why Careonchain is better than the other ICOs? Let's try to find out the answer when there is only one day left for the ICO to launch. Careonchain ICO presale is going live on 14th July 2018 and it's the perfect time to discuss the pros and cons of the project.

How Is It Going To Be Profitable? 

Let's look at the prospects of earning of this project. If you have gone through the website or whitepaper, you know that Careonchain is going to invest the ICO proceeds in the hybrid technology. Does that mean it is going to manufacture hybrid cars or engines? Nope. Careonchain will be investing into the research and development of hybrid projects which are scattered unattended across the universities worldwide. 

Careonchain's vision is to get these projects on the go with the top manufacturers around the world. A dedicated team (which involves the top hierarchy of management) will be assigned the task of collecting the projects and choosing the best from them. This team will then forward these projects to the vehicle manufacturers and manufacturing will be initiated. Careonchain will get incentivized for each project and this amount will be used in paying the return of investment. 

What If You Don't Find Any Projects? 

This project has been propounded after a thorough research, which emboldened us to take this idea further to an ICO. There are thousands of projects lying in piles of blueprints for the want of funds. Also, there is no such platform that could give exposure to the hybrid car junkies. Careonchain would also be a talent hunt for such creative and savvy enthusiasts. 

And the brightside is, the experiments are not going to stop ever, not until each and every individual owns a hybrid car. This is expected to happen in 2050, if you invest in this project today, imagine your profits by 2050. This is a perfect opportunity for millennials and even for the younger generation, who want to invest early. 

How Bigger Will Be The Returns? 

The returns will be immense, the precise rate for returns has not been finalized yet, but considering the huge profits we will gain, return of investment will be more than any project can offer right now. We do not want to speculate and give the investors a tentative amount. The exact rate will be determined once we start our operations. 

But the returns will definitely be sky-high for sure. This project is a venture of many like-minded people, who want to develop hybrid technology. The prospect of earning comes alongwith this vision, as the technology starts to progress. The profits will multiply exponentially and will make a fortune for all those who invest in this ICO. 

Clock Is Ticking

Careonchain is all set to go live on 14th July 2018. We encourage more & more people to participate in this project. The more the people, the more the investment, which will eventually result in lots of profits alongwith a technology backed, pollution free and sustainable environment. 

Join Pre Sale: https://www.careonchain.io

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