Weld Money Integrates Hacken Token (HAI) as a Payment Instrument

Feb 10, 2022 at 16:00 // News
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Weld Money and Hacken are partnering to foster cryptocurrency adoption

Weld Money will integrate the new feature to allow the Hacken community to pay for goods and services using the HAI token. This integration stems from a partnership between Hacken and Weld Money established in September 2021.

Weld Money is the first cryptocurrency card service provider in Eastern Europe to partner with banks and regulators for card issuance. The firm seeks to harmonize the cryptocurrency and traditional financial sectors to create a seamless payments solution. Through Weld’s card services, users can use their crypto holdings for daily transactions, such as paying for groceries and flowers. Hacken is a Web 3.0 cybersecurity provider uniting the community of true believers in crypto and security who are looking forward to using Hacken token (HAI) in their daily life without the need to convert it into fiat. And it will soon become possible.

Weld Money integrates Hacken token

While the rate of cryptocurrency adoption has grown by significant levels globally, the use of these virtual assets in the real world has not been convenient. In most cases, users have to first convert their crypto assets into fiat currency to pay for goods and services while merchants do not accept cryptocurrency payments. 

Weld Money and Hacken are partnering to solve this challenge by allowing users to directly make payments in Hacken token (HAI). The card service will also offer benefits such as cashback of up to 9% to users who pay in HAI token. 

The CEO of Hacken, Dyma Budorin, commented on this integration, saying,

“One of the elements of the Hacken Strategy for 2022 is delivering greater value to the community through HAI. By paying for traditional goods and services in HAI, users will feel that they own real assets. This integration will strengthen ties between Hacken and our community.”

The weld card allowing users to pay in HAI will be unveiled in the coming months. And all HAI holders will be informed about it.  


Weld card offers many benefits to the Hacken community

The weld card will feature a Hacken design that proves a user is part of one of the largest cybersecurity communities. The issuance of these cards is free, and users will not have to cover any monthly fees. Moreover, the weld card tariffs are minimal and there is 0% pop-up commission. 

The card will be issued in digital form. Users will be able to make payments via Google Pay or Apple Pay. However, other tokens will not be supported, as the offering will be exclusive to HAI token holders. 

Regarding prices, the spending of HAI token will not affect the price of the token. Hacken will buy back all HAI tokens received by Weld Money in stablecoins to alleviate any downward pressure on HAI.

Users will be able to pay in HAI tokens for anything they want if a vendor accepts VISA card payments. This will make the card viable for use at a grocery store, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.

“The partnership between the two projects is a giant step to popularize virtual assets. Skeptics will not have any right to say that users cannot buy anything for crypto,” 

the announcement added. 

About Weld Money

The company develops issuers of fiat cards that bond to cryptocurrencies and wallets which store digital assets. The startup was founded by Oleksiy Meretsky, Oleksiy Bobok, and Iryna Lorens. Weld Money became the first cryptocurrency card service in Eastern Europe to sign a card issuance agreement with banks and regulators. WELD Money is on a mission to bridge the two extreme worlds of crypto and traditional financial systems. The WELD community can get a seamless payment solution system with several functions of the standard crypto wallets but with an added advantage. WELD Money allows the users to use crypto for daily transactions like paying for coffee, gas, groceries, etc.

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About Hacken

Hacken is one of the leading providers of B2C and B2B Web 3.0 cybersecurity services to clients from Europe, Asia, and North America representing such industries as crypto, sharing economy, retail, financials, airlines, blockchain, etc. Hacken ecosystem is powered with native utility token HAI. Since 2017 Hacken has entered into cooperation with 500+ companies including such famous brands as Vechain, Gate.io, KuCoin, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and others. The list of Hacken partners includes more than 80 brands, among which Solana Foundation and Simplex. Since March 2021, Hacken has been an active member of the Linux Foundation. As of now, Hacken has saved users’ assets worth >$10B.

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