Vivid Announces Development of World's First Social AR Network for Crypto Industry

Mar 13, 2018 at 12:41 // News
Vivid announces social AR network

Nothing trumps the ability to engage an object from any side, or to the feeling of connecting from all sides. Augmented Reality is rapidly becoming a staple of both the educational and entertainment industries.

The Augmented Reality (AR) Market has been projected to exceed USD $50 billion by 2024 tapping into a rapidly growing demand for a revolutionary new way of seeing the things around us. This emerging technology has begun to dominate computing, the same way cryptocurrency is. This intersection of crypto and AR is what Vivid is set to dominate.

Cryptographically Secure Reality

2017 was an explosive year for cryptocurrency with over 1,300 currencies trading, a market cap peak of $700+ billion, and the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and crypto trading. 2018 is expected to vastly improve on this.

With over 3.2 billion people currently online and dependent on a myriad of applications to remain connected, uptime and reliability remains the greatest concern for all - more so for cryptocurrency traders who can stand to loss out on market opportunities and cycles.

Vivid’s unified platform for AR and cryptocurrency brings together the best of both worlds, building a scalable platform that benefits both seasoned day traders, and newcomers alike. The device agnostic platform is being developed on a global redundant system architecture for an unparalleled degree of consistency for community driven content publishing.

"We are excited to push the boundaries of cryptocurrency portfolio management and spatial computing into a new era of platform growth and functionality to the end user” says CEO, Ian Nott. “Vivid will provide unique collaborative functions to not only educate our users, but also empower them with the tools they need to be successful in this space”.

Developed in an R&D lab by the team behind cloud-based mixed reality service, Thrive, Vivid aims to push the boundaries of portfolio management through AR and blockchain technology. The platform plans to solidify itself as the de facto management tool through the following innovative features:

  • User friendly GUI and social sharing functionalities targeting the on-the-go users who are the most invested in cryptocurrency. Vivid opens up new possibilities for them to communicate the status of their portfolio to their friends and followers by dragging and dropping status indicators like a bull, rocket ship, or moon right next to their 3D charts.

  • An intuitive workspace for day traders, allowing them to space out technical analysis indicators for evaluation and decision-making. Traders can now interact with different layers of information presented through orbiting graphs and charts, while virtual whiteboarding offers them the unique annotation capabilities to connect dots between data.

  • Content publishing and social influencer capabilities through a community-driven ecosystem. Content creators will be able to earn rewards from sharing technical analysis, market insights and opinions. Vivid will also be providing APIs for third-party platforms to integrate into the development of their own  engagement and analytics applications

Token Generation Event

Shortly after announcing its Token Generation Event, Vivid has raised 5% of its hard cap from its oversubscribed private round. The presale event launches March 9 at 9:00 AM EST. Contributors will be rewarded bonus Vivid tokens for their participation.

For more on this project and the token sale, visit

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