Decentralized Google?How Will Unicorn Reshape the Subscriber Attention Economy

Feb 23, 2018 at 22:00 // PR
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Herbert Simon, a renowned Nobel laureate, argued that, with the exponential increases of information, what the valuable is not information itself, it will be the attention of the users. This is the economy of attention. But the subscriber attention economy has been in vogue since its shaping, especially the long tail advertising markets from the Google. And the subscribers are not the real beneficiaries.

For the attention economy, the aporia is not the provision of information but the distribution of the Attention of Information. In an information-superfluous world, the abundance of information is accompanied by the absence of other things-the insufficiency of information consumption. The recipient attention emerges as the conditions require

In this respect, Google, recognized as the leading company in the application of User Attention Economy, occupies the market through its Adwords and targeted advertising placement, and afterwards dominates the flow capacity entrance of mobile Internet through android OS and Google play store. And some other companies has brought the blockchain technology into browser which purports to establish a blockchain-based decentralized, transparent digital advertising platform to enable the advertisements to obtain more user attention and thereby making profits. This is absolutely a promising business model.

However, this is not the full case. The previous efforts merely mix the blockchain with browsers in hope of addressing business limitations. So there are great efforts of Unicorn to replicate the Google’s success story on the blockchain basis of UIC Wallet and UIC store.

Unicorn do something earnestly.

Blockchain, also distributed ledger technology, has been the buzzword in recent years. A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. This underlying technology has been explored in many fields, such as banks, IoT, social networking, insurance and so on.

MIX first proposes the idea of blockchain-based mobile mining. The novel and exciting experiences such as application distributions and content subscription, will empower the users to start a new life. The new subscriber attention economy will reshape the economy ecosystem. Unicorn operates with a multiple business ecosystem which includes smart devices, wallet, browser, Dapps for the blockchain users to enter the system and interacts with each other. By doing this, the platform will fascinate the attention of users accurately, and the developers and other participants of the entire business ecosystem relish more exciting advertising experiences.

In addition to the foregoing, Unicorn’s fingerprint and LBS designation will locate the devices through the recognition devices to send advertisements to certain persons.

Unicorn can also eliminate the data fabrications. It exploits smart contracts technology to imbed certain advertisements into the Unicorn so as to exterminate the fabricated data and furnish a better evaluation of advertisement results.

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