UNICEF Australia Helps to Raise Funds for Charity by Mining Cryptocurrency

May 02, 2018 at 13:51 // News
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The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Australia has set up a website that uses user’s computer power for mining the digital currency called Monero. All raised funds are going to be spent for the necessary products for vulnerable children around the world.

On April 30, the charity organization revealed a website called The Hope Page for in-browser cryptocurrency mining, which sends all earned money to children.

The financial technology in work

If one wants to help children, he/she only needs to open the Hope Page while being online. The site allows visitors to choose the amount of computing power that will be used for mining. Accordingly, the longer the page is opened, the bigger amount of crypto coins will be gained.

Taking a close look at the mining page, it becomes clear that the page works on AuthedMine, an opt-in version of Coinhive API, which miners usually apply for obtaining the Monero with a help of a browser. The fintech system Coinhive has been blocked by anti-malware and ad tools because in some cases it can be secretly installed into a hacked website.

How will virtual coins be spent on children needs?

Using the website for crypto coin mining, collected funds will be converted into fiat currency and redirected to the account of the Australian subsidiary of UNICEF. Then the organization will buy for this money vital supplies, including drinking water, food, and vaccines. All these products will be sent later to vulnerable children around the world. 

The organization hopes to use new technologies as an instrument for attracting the attention of the world public to the existing humanitarian problems and the necessary material support for children in need.

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