In a World Swamped with Run of the Mill Trading Platforms, Bitsz Comes as a Relief

Mar 19, 2021 at 11:48 // News
Ultra fast trading with up to 10 million transactions per second

The last 12 months have seen a surge of cryptocurrency usage that shadows the last crypto rush of 2017. Mainstream firms are finally starting to tap into the crypto market and trading is the highest ever witnessed, putting exchanges under stress as they struggle with the load.

Bitsz is a crypto exchange that understands the pressure of performance and is designed to deal with the increased traffic and at the same time provide a pleasant trading experience.

Tipping beyond the $1 trillion mark, the cryptocurrency environment is seeing nearly all coins and tokens break their all time highs. Trading marketplaces such as exchanges play a central role in this, providing a platform where buyers and sellers can exchange and trade their fiat and crypto for their favorite assets. As such, these exchanges play a crucial role as the only means for crypto enthusiasts to acquire the digital assets.

What Bitsz Sets Straight

The current crypto trade market is dominated by CEXs, or Centralized Exchanges. Ironically, these platforms are built using technology and protocols that cryptos were created in the first place to fight against. These exchanges keep all data on its users in centralized servers and that becomes a major point of contention. They control the user, their activities, data and as custodial exchanges, they have the power over their assets too, which can be breached or shared with other entities, a potential violation of privacy.

Secondly, these exchanges also lack in the user experience, with either too simple offerings or too complex, leading to many users struggling to find the right products and service. Traders are also faced with user interfaces that do not fit their requirements. In all, this leads to a detrimental effect on the trust placed by the users.

Bitsz is a crypto exchange that is changing the whole experience by offering innovative and wide range of services that are easy to understand and use, along with user trust and privacy. The trading engine has been designed to enhance the trading experience with the capacity to take on increased load and deliver quality trading.

With the global crypto community at a loss of finding exchange services that satisfies their need, Bitsz goes a long way in developing trust and building an ecosystem that not only caters to their trading demands, but the security and privacy of their assets and data.


On a war to stamp out the problems plaguing the current crypto trading sector, Bitsz offers not only an exchange that is fast and secure, but gives different trading options and an user interface that’s after the heart of any crypto trader.

The innovative Bitsz trading engine has been designed to allow ultra fast trading, with up to 10 million transactions per second. This caters not only the current load on the market, but potential allows any future pressure to be handled without any degradation in its speed. The trading is also monitored using machine learning to detect any market manipulation and counter it.

Powering the whole Bitsz ecosystem is their native BITSZ coin, running on Bitsz very own quark based blockchain ecosystem that is completely transparent and secure. There are only 100 million pre minted coins and they will be used as a medium of exchange on the Bitsz ecosystem. 25 million of the coins will be allocated for a pre sale round, which will be locked for a 2 year holding as a means of securing the network and another 60 million for the main sale. Rest of the tokens are reserved for founders, development team and marketing purposes.


Truetrade Upcoming Services

Truetrade by Bitsz is the most advanced and powerful crypto trading platform ever created. Over the coming months and years, Truetrade will release a plethora of features and services that will enable its users to leverage these for an ever enhancing trading experience:

  • Fiat Payment Solutions: KYC cleared users will be able to use their regular debit and credit cards to buy cryptos on the exchange.

  • Insta Lending and Borrowing: UNleashing the power of smart contracts, Truetrade will allow escrowed lending and borrowing of coins and tokens that is fast, reliable and free of time consuming paperwork.

  • OTC: For large volume trades that can potentially skew the market, the Over The Counter Trade allows for secure and hassle free settlement, giving deep liquidity at the same time.

  • Fiat to Crypto: For new traders, onboarding in the crypto trading scene means purchasing cryptos with fiat and this can be a barrier. Truetrade intends to partner with multiple traditional financial institutions allowing new users to not only buy, but liquidate their crypto assets as well.

Trutrade has started registration and plans to have more than a million traders on its web interface, with 20 thousand trading through its intuitive mobile app, intending to increase the numbers by 5x to 5 million web and 100,000 mobile traders.

Bitsz: The Future of Crypto Trading

Using the combination of a user friendly UI, AI based bots for offering the best exchange rates in the market, low trading fee, deep liquidity and multiple order types in an environment that is secure, fast and keeps privacy to the maximum, Bitsz is a trading platform that is set to revolutionize the crypto trading sphere.

With a vast number of services, ease of trading, data and personal security under one roof, Bitsz will become the market leader, setting a new standard of service delivery in the crypto community

To find out more about the Bitsz crypto exchange, visit their website today.

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