Influencer Economy Solution Starflow is Sweden‘s First Token Generation Event

Mar 13, 2018 at 13:33 // News
Starflow is Sweden‘s first token generation event

The influencer economy, although still considered emerging, is beginning to get the recognition it deserves from major marketing firms, with more advertising budgets redirected towards a focus on influencers and their ability to pull in the masses through creative and unique content.

Content is Still the King

As such, Swedish-based Starflow is developing a blockchain-based ecosystem that looks to harness the growing potential of influencers, fostering an economy centered around great content leading to great profitability. Via the Starflow ecosystem, influencers can look forward to enhanced profitability, while regaining control, ownership and value of their creative works.

The Starflow and StarCoin Token Generation Event

The Starflow ecosystem will be a commercial network of creators, brands, and consumers, that gives back value to creators, while maximizing incentives for all stakeholders.

To raise the funds necessary to develop its next-generation influencer platform that empowers the individual, Starflow is holding a crowdfunding campaign in the form of a token generation event – the first of its kind to be conducted out of Sweden.

Through the sales of its native cryptocurrency, StarCoin, which will power the platform, enabling influencers to safeguard their digital identities and enhance communication with their followers, Starflow will build a blockchain solution that benefits all spectrums of the influencer economy.

Advertisers will be able to more easily quickly find channels to sell exclusive products and services via recognized influencers, while collaborating directly with content creators. Influencers also benefit from this direct contact, earning more revenue for their content while maintaining rights to their creative products. Users, on the other hand, share in the rewards, earning incentives for giving their time to watching content on the platform.

Starflow founder and CEO David Gabor believes that blockchain technology and mainstream cryptocurrency adoption will lead to the evolution of Internet 3.0 as the next paradigm shift of web technology, and that its crowd fund will put the company in pole position as a mover in the industry:

“We are transforming the way we produce, consume and monetize content in social media.” 

Starflow are not alone in their belief: the project already names established players as its contributors, including the likes of Kici Invest (owned byParadox founder Fredrik Wester), tech expert Staël von Holstein, media agency Scream and Evolution Gaming founder Fredrik Österberg.

Gabor added that the tokenizing of their project was a natural progression that would offer the company a transparent evaluation and assessment of its performance:

“This is a way for us to invite our target groups around the world to become early owners of the token, participating in developing the infrastructure and to be part of Starflow’s journey.”

The StarCoin pre-sale is ongoing until March 19th, after which the general public sale will launch on April 3rd until May 2nd (all times at 9am CET).

To learn more about this blockchain-based influencer ecosystem, visit the Starflow website and read the technical whitepaper. To meet the Starflow team, connect with them on Telegram.

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