SpaceCatch Announces $CATCH Token Launch for Its Groundbreaking AR Game

Mar 28, 2024 at 10:27 // PR
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SpaceCatch, one of the most notable players within the GameFi industry in 2024, recently announced that its augmented reality (AR) game is finally approaching the launch of its $CATCH token.

This development was shared with the public via SpaceCatch's official X (Twitter) account, generating anticipation among enthusiasts and investors alike.

SpaceCatch to Launch $CATCH Token

SpaceCatch, the galactic AR game set to revolutionize the crypto planet, is gearing up for a major milestone with the upcoming launch of its $CATCH token. This exciting announcement comes hot on the heels of a successful $CATCH presale and marks a significant step forward for the project. 

Revealed via SpaceCatch's official X (Twitter) account, the news has generated considerable buzz among both crypto gaming enthusiasts and investors. 

After more than a year and a half of dedicated development, the SpaceCatch team, led by the esteemed studio Pixelfield, is finally ready to disclose their creation to the world. 

With a steadfast commitment to long-term sustainability and prioritizing product quality, SpaceCatch has held off on releasing the $CATCH token until now, focusing instead on perfecting the game itself. 

As anticipation mounts for the game's launch, the $CATCH token is already garnering substantial interest and demand from eager investors and players, thanks partly to its classification within the GameFi category and a well-balanced tokenomics for early adopters. 

Why Everyone's Talking About $CATCH

The buzz surrounding $CATCH derives from its unique features and innovative approach within the GameFi industry. Unlike other GameFi tokens, $CATCH isn't just an in-game reward token; instead, its scarcity and limited inflation ensure its long-term value sustainability within the SpaceCatch game ecosystem. 

With up to 43% of tokens already allocated through presale rounds, inflation is further minimized. SpaceCatch has raised a total of $3.37 million, with a recent round gathering $1.17 million in just 42 hours.

Moreover, $CATCH employs sophisticated staking mechanisms akin to Bitcoin's halving process, spanning five years with annual halving. This structure initially rewards early adopters with substantial APR, expected to range from 300% to 500%. Since $CATCH isn't an in-game reward, staking is the sole means of acquiring it, offering significant rewards in the initial period.

Also, SpaceCatch operates fully off-chain, enabling seamless entry for non-crypto players into the mobile gaming sector. A portion of gaming revenues will be allocated for $CATCH buyback & burn and rewards post-staking period, ensuring a sustainable ecosystem.

Regarding SpaceCatch's NFT projects in the past, remarkably, despite a bearish NFT market, the rare Genesis Box NFTs sold out in 33 seconds, experiencing a nearly 2,000% value surge, showcasing SpaceCatch's team expertise in effectively meeting player and market demands.

Furthermore, there's been significant excitement surrounding the project lately, particularly since the SpaceCatch team revealed that the token will soon be listed on centralized exchanges (CEXs). This listing is set to take place during the current week, adding to the anticipation surrounding the project.

About SpaceCatch

SpaceCatch is the first game of its kind, promising a revolution in the gaming space by integrating augmented reality, geolocation, AI, blockchain support, and NFTs. 

This blend allows for a completely new gaming experience, supporting not just a fully free-to-play model but also next-generation play-to-earn and move-to-earn concepts that are fully sustainable. 

Centered on AR and VR technology, SpaceCatch has crafted an immersive universe with an enthralling narrative. In this universe, players, known as Catchers, are tasked with restoring peace on Earth after an alien invasion. 

The aliens possess diverse powers, presenting a challenging obstacle for Catchers. However, players have the opportunity to enhance their abilities and skills to effectively combat these extraterrestrial adversaries.

With these features, SpaceCatch positions itself among the new generation of GameFi projects with the potential to outperform industry giants like Axie Infinity or Sandbox.

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