Shared Services Looks Towards Blockchain for Growth

Mar 23, 2018 at 10:51 // PR
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Shared Services looks towards blockchain

Experts believe that Blockchain will be bigger than Robots for the Shared Services industry!

Blockchain is blowing up as a key buzzword for 2018. In fact, Webster has even added it to its dictionary. If that’s not enough to get businesses talking then I don’t know what is! Jumping on this bandwagon, IQPC is exploring the usage of Blockchain in Shared Services by hosting a conference with key speakers from IBM, Bank of America, and Sapient to name a few.

“Wherever there’s a friction in a business process – wherever you have a complex process with multiple participants -- Blockchain can reduce time and cost, and boost the bottom line.” – Kim N. Pham, Associate Partner / Blockchain Leader, IBM.

This one-day event, held on June 26th, 2018 in Dallas, TX will bring together industry experts, influencers and key stakeholders in the industry to discuss:

·         How Blockchain can unlock high value for shared services organizations by increasing transaction volumes, reducing costs and providing transparency.

·         The benefits and challenges of implementing a Blockchain solution.

·         P2P’s intuitive fit for Blockchain implementation.

·         Regulatory implications of using Blockchain technologies.

·         Latest trends in this space.


The impact will be enormous as Blockchain will reshape the foundation of business as we know it. 

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