Self-Governing Blockchain Technology Foundation Launched, Promises Grants, Representation and Research Opportunities to Blockchain Enthusiasts and Businesses

Apr 03, 2018 at 13:49 // News
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Blockchain Technology Foundation launched

The recently launched Blockchain Technology Foundation (BCTF) is dedicated to modernizing both the market and social relations by furthering the adoption of the blockchain technology and educating the business community on harnessing this groundbreaking instrument of change to create a more secure, equitable, and functional future.

The creators of the BCTF claim that our society is long overdue for review and renovation and it’s the blockchain technology that will give rise to new forms of the local and state government, which until now existed only in the dreams of utopian philosophers. Those future governments would have to be elected by (or with the help of) political and societal forces actively opposing the current power structure in the world. The Blockchain Technology Foundation respectively aims to ensure a smooth, lawful, and swift transition of power and influence.

The Blockchain Technology Foundation is created through a collective effort with the intention of engaging the leaders of the business community as well as private individuals who are committed to the notion that the blockchain technology can and will change the way the humanity functions. As this technology grows in popularity, the creators of the BCTF hope to welcome all who share in their belief in the Humanity 2.0 and invite everyone to explore the path to it in absolute transparency and complete privacy, as members of the Blockchain Technology Foundation.

According to the founders, the BCTF mission is threefold: advocacy - broad-range campaigning for the further understanding and adoption of the blockchain technology. Education - creation, and curation of various regional and global programs designed for private individuals, government officials, and members of the business community to better understand and appreciate the vast potential of the blockchain technology and implement it ASAP. Partnership: the BCTF will focus on building secure and transparent commercial, educational, and civic alliances on its blockchains with the goal of countering the destructive policies by Big Government and supporting the needs of its members.

For these purposes, the Foundation will maintain public confidence in the fact that all challenges presented by the ensuing cryptocurrency bubble will be addressed and are in no way an impediment on the blockchain technology in its entirety. The Foundation doesn’t guarantee the return of all of the deposits to the cryptocurrency investors, however, in the majority of cases and within certain limits, in the event of a verified by a smart contract failure by a member to recover funds lost to a fraudulent cryptocurrency enterprise, the Foundation will compensate a member’s losses in BCTF tokens or compatible products through the Compensation Program, which encompasses the activities undertaken by the Foundation to administer the Loss Prevention Fund (LPF). The LPF is funded through the communal efforts and provides the aggrieved parties with compensation for their losses by way of exchanging them into the Foundation’s token (conditions apply).

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