Gaining That Competitive Edge: Safinus Jumps Novices Profitability In Crypto Trading, While Enhancing That Of Experienced Traders

Mar 18, 2018 at 12:51 // News
Safinus jumps novices profitability in crypto trading

Today, the crypto market is full of stories where simple investment in the right token has made people richer beyond what they ever would be if dealing in fiat. Profits from cryptocurrencies are the highest of any trading item in history. Return on investment for early backing of a good coin results in thousands of percent. This has led to more and more people taking interest in crypto money.

Safinus: Levelling The Playing Field For The New & Old

Trading cryptocurrencies is very different from any other trading, material based or forex. Apart from an in depth understanding of finance and trade, a good grasp on technology is also needed to make effective and profitable trades with digital money. This can be a great advantage for people who know the tips and tricks; and a source of great difficulty for people who are new to crypto trading.

The matter is compounded with more and more crypto coins and tokens entering the market each month. With so many tokens and coins in the ultra fast trading market, investors and traders have little time to evaluate the team and the project of new coins. In the end, it is more of a gamble than a well informed decision, even for the most experienced crypto traders.

Safinus is a solution for crypto traders in this aspect. It is a platform that facilitates novices in quickly entering in profitable investment portfolios, thereby allowing them to make investments that are less risky. At the same time, the platform allows experienced investors to have significantly increased profits by the same formula, offering them increased capital management.

Steps Towards Profitability

Safinus gives a greater and less risky profitable trade option by taking the following steps for users:

  • Portfolio Creation Mechanism: By allowing experienced traders to create their own crypto portfolio and letting anyone to join it.

  • Portfolio Rating: Created automatically, based on returns on investment. Allows users to decide which portfolio to join.

  • Individual Crypto Asset Management: Professional traders can cater to large investors on an individual basis.

  • Voting System: Users decide on which token and distribution events are included on the platform. This ensures scams and fraudulent cryptocurrency remains off the platform.

  • Simultaneous Trading on Multiple Exchanges: Allows for greater liquidity of assets at a higher value.

  • Decentralized Exchange: Transparent trading and control of assets, with Blockchain’s military grade like security.

  • Automation of Trade Instruments: Through automation of trading, users can define trading criteria and leave it to the platform’s app to trade in the quickest response time.

Tokens Of The Trade

The platform is powered by its own native token, the SAF. All commissions on trades will be made and paid through it. The private distribution event is over, with the hard cap of $500,000 successfully achieved.

The main TGE will begin on 2nd of May, 2018 and will continue for a period of one month, allowing backers to invest $16,000,000 into the platform. Selling at a 1:1 rate with the USD, the first three days of the event carry a 20% discount, 4 to 14 days give 10%.

For more information on the platform, visit their website:

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