Russia ICO Show Launches in Moscow

Apr 11, 2018 at 13:43 // PR
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Russia ICO Show — the largest Russian convention for investors and ICO projects, organized by IDACB (International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain). Russia ICO Show is the local Russian stage before the World ICO Show.

The aim of Russia ICO Show is to give projects an opportunity to introduce themselves to Russian investors with significant investment assets and to make verified ICO’s available for investment.

IDACB guarantees the investors’ qualification for they all have confirmed their assets, some are IDACB members and already have a great investment portfolio. In turn, Association guarantees the ICO’s are qualified. Every project willing to present itself on Russia ICO Show undergoes required verification.

ICO teams tend to think the project is well introduced, though objectively they rarely meet the serious backers’ criteria for investment valuation, but more importantly they can barely reach out to investors who don’t trust them.

"We engage all the resources from 64 member countries of the Association to form the pool of significant investors, we know each one of them personally. We also know personally the founders of each ICO project allowed to participate in Russia ICO Show. — says International secretary of IDACB, Maxim Chereshnev. — We want the general level of ICO realization to rise and ICO teams to grow so we are ready to help and find new projects for investors and investors for the projects."

Russia ICO Show will be held within World Blockchain Summit - Moscow at day one, 26th of April. Summit itself is a link in the whole chain of events aimed to develop blockchain technologies, strengthening and progressing the international relations of expert community.

"We, as a part of the international Association, want the world to treat ICO phenomenon itself as a serious tool for developing high-tech business," — says Maxim Chereshnev. — "This is the reason for IDACB to form Investors Board, verify ICO’s, do everything for projects to keep up with high demands of big money. And so that they have constant expert support, we have launched the international Advisory Board."

"Russia ICO Show on Moscow blockchain summit — is only the first round, we continue to organize sessions all over Russia, in Uzbekistan, Moldova, Malta and other countries in Europe, North America, Near East, Africa and Asia."

For verified pitchers and, of course, the investors themselves the IDACB will provide free admission to WBCSummit Moscow, in belief that participating in Russia ICO Show is already a meaningful contribution to industry global development.

For Refference

IDACB — is International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, the world leading non-commercial organization aiming to contribute to the international legalization of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, as well as to combine specialists’ experience and expertise on cryptocurrencies and blockchain from around the world.

The IDACB influence is assured by 60 member countries and not less than 40 more to join by the end of May.

Members of the Association are counselors of first statesmen, official governments’ representatives, ministers and members of parliaments; recognized blockchain technology market experts, national and professional Associations from member countries and representatives of professional society. For instance, Russia is presented by Herman Klimenko.

WBCSummit in Moscow will occur on 19-20 of May, more than 3000 participants, 100 countries and 300+ speakers expected. 10 auditoriums and 2 days of more than 80 hours of content.

World ICO Show. Organized by IDACB as well. The first session within WBCSummit will be held in Moscow on May 2018. WICOShow gives ICO projects an opportunity to introduce themselves to significant investors, whose confirmed investment assets are 2 billion USD. IDACB guarantees the investors are qualified, for they all have done verification and are members of IDACB.

Applying for ICO projects is now available!

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