RaiBlocks, IOTA and the Undervalued Byteball

Jan 19, 2018 at 17:53 // News
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New technology called DAG

To help fix blockchain issues, new technologies are emerging on the market, known as data acyclic graph systems (DAG). New cryptocurrencies have emerged, such as IOTA, RailBlocks and Byteball. The systems upon which these currencies are based allow users to further leverage the potential of the technology.

Byteball offers numerous benefits, such as:

- Encrypted chat between users

- Blackbytes providing private, untraceable value transfers

- Ability to send Bytes via chat apps

- Multi-signature support

- A user-friendly wallet

- No limitation to the number of transactions

- A fair distribution and a limited supply

- Smart contracts can bind transactions to conditions

- GB/BTC exchange, insurance against flight delays etc.

- Ability to send Bytes via email by adding the recipient's email address where you would normally add their Byteball address.

Real-life use is promoted thanks to the Byteball Cashback Program and this could be a great opportunity, especially for e-commerce. If payment by Bytes is accepted by one larger e-commerce, it could quickly become an extension of Bytes in the e-commerce sector.

There are a few big exchanges where you can trade with Bytes, such as Bittrex, Cryptox and Cryptopia. Of course, you can also use the exchange integrated in the Byteball wallet.

The increase in the number of community members is slow but steady. If we look at RaiBlocks, we can see robust growth from a couple of hundred to more than 42,000 members in just a few months. Byteball reached 2,000 members two weeks ago but is still lagging behind. However, as news and information about Byteball spreads, its user base will grow very quickly.

The following weeks could be very interesting for Byteball, as investors who have profited from RaiBlocks will focus their attention on Byteball.

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