Price Analysis: Major Cryptocurrencies Go Up as Google Lifts Its Ad Ban

Sep 26, 2018 at 14:33 // News
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Major coins gain in price with XRP increasing by 21.53%.

Cryptocurrency price trend turns bullish as good news hits the market. Major coins gain in price with XRP increasing by 21.53%.

Generally, almost all cryptocurrencies faced a price increase. As of the time of writing, the bitcoin price has risen to $6,536, up 1.65% from 24 hours earlier.   

Ethereum has gained 3.30% in value within 24 hours before press time. Its price amounts to $216, which is a recovery from an earlier drop to $209.   

The Bitcoin Cash price increased to $448, and EOS gained 4.66% in value, while the leader in the latest uptrend is XRP. The coin’s price has increased to $0.562014.   

Bulls Applauding Google for Lifting the Ban   

Good news brings good changes. It seems the crypto market has to thank IT industry giant, Google, as it has announced it is partially lifting the ban on cryptocurrency related advertising. From October, all “pre-approved advertisers” will be able to advertise their services in the USA and Japan. It is said they would have to be certified by Google for a specific country though, as the company aims to protect its consumers from the growing number of scammers and fraudsters.   

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