Prime-Ex Perpetual Blockchain Business Model Is Bringing Real Estate Profits To Homeowners

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Prime-Ex Perpetual

Until recently, blockchain has been known only to IT specialists as a new form of technology. However, the industry players now realize that blockchain based smart contracts can fundamentally reshape the real estate business and may have a broader impact on home-buyers and sellers. Prime-Ex Perpetual disrupts the existing real estate ecosystem by re-thinking fundamentally how residential real estate is developed, sold, and financed. So, what is its business model? How does the company work?

First, Prime Ex Perpetual manages the real estate process from beginning to end, from selecting land, buying it, constructing property, providing better buyer financing arrangements and delivering a more positive borrowing experience to the residential buyer, thus minimizing such deficiencies as cumbersome collection costs, and drawn out legal disputes.  Prime -Ex effectively uses the benefits of the blockchain technology, which are the following:

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The Prime-Ex Customer Base

Traditionally, the residential buyer owns a home in his or her own name and finances the property with a mortgage in his or her own name. 

This model was great when people used to go to work to a factory at 18 years of age and retired from the same factory 30 years later, earning a higher incremental wage adjustment each year, retiring near their maximum earnings ability, and earning a retirement near the last few years of earnings potential.

But Times Have Changed

Circumstances dictate that the consumer needs to be more mobile and more willing to move to different locales to earn a higher wage.

Retirees have shown willingness to be more mobile, looking for opportunities that minimize hazards to their nest eggs and give them the ability to explore new retirement destinations. 

Self -employed people are also proving to be more mobile as more and more of their work focus migrates from the limitations of their physical locations to the limitless reaches of the global internet economy. 

Prime-Ex business model rests on three pillars


The traditional real estate business model dictates multiple parties, each working for their own interest, at the expense of the home buyer. Consider this:

•    Property Selection for land developers involved in developing residential real estate lots transacts solely on the basis of buying the land cheap, developing the land, and selling it double to triple the price to the homebuilder. Once sold, the land owner is out of the game.

•    Home Builders will cut corners to cut costs with the goal to achieve ever-higher pro t margins. Home buyers in Panama will be lucky to find a 2  year warranty in a new house. Generally, once sold, the home builder is out.

•    Banks provide financing to the land owner, home builder, and eventually the home buyer. Having the property as a collateral at any point in time, the bank achieves a zero- risk investment at the expense of its client, often generating three different pro t cycles with the same piece of land.

•    The Home buyer sits at the end of the chain.



Each party works for their own interest, at the expense of the home buyer.        

·         Selection of land

·         Purchasing

·         Home construction

·         Selling

·         Financing

·         Maintenance  


Prime-Ex forms cohesive real estate process from beginning to end, from land selection, home construction, providing financing to potential home buyers and maintenance of the property.

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Prime-Ex provides a solution to our target market by switching financing terms to a system that replaces income verification for proven reserves and plans the exit strategy up front as part of the agreement.

This fundamental difference and the mechanism in which it is implemented is indeed a revolutionary paradigm shift in the way that the business of real estate is approached.

Instead of an implied threat of lawsuits and foreclosure to demand that they perform, Prime-Ex gives them every reason to perform with a guaranteed buyback program and maximum loss exposure.

Prime-Ex effectively cuts out the risk that time holds over the borrower’s head. Instead of submitting our client to the stick of a prepayment penalty and performance failure, Prime-Ex has incentivized its client with the carrot of a guaranteed buyback so long as they have performed as scheduled.

So, this allows Prime-Ex Perpetual to offer a Revolutionary Loan.  Traditional model implies late charges, default interest, prepayment penalties, negative credit score, foreclosure. Whereas Prime-Ex Model offers the revolutionary loan to homebuyers, and its distinct features are:

·    No credit scores

·     Asset verification rather than income verification

·     A 30-year no-nonsense fixed rate mortgage payment

·     A guaranteed buy-back program at two thirds of the original price

·     A 25% down payment

·     No- age restrictions 

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Crowdsourcing via the PEX token will enable Prime-Ex to achieve its business objectives. In return, Prime-Ex will return real estate profits to you, the token holder, via annual dividend distributions.

Prime-Ex is committed is to distribute 80% of our profits to all token holders. We will also incentivize buyers to pay mortgages using PEX tokens by means of mortgage rate discount, effectively creating demand for PEX on a monthly basis.

Blockchain technology will be also explored to maximize efficiency gains in document retentions, verifications, authorizations, and performance history creating a seamless, more transparent environment for all within the Prime-Ex Perpetual real estate ecosystem

They synergy of these three pillars results in large profits than the traditional industry experience and Prime-Ex Perpetual is committed to distribute 80% of its profits to PEX-token holders.

80% Net PROFIT will go to PEX-token holders

The Prime-Ex business model is also set up to encourage organic PEX demand by providing favorable borrower financing terms to those who make their mortgage payments in PEX- tokens, rather than with money via a mortgage rate discount.

Prime-Ex Perpetual sells residential real estate to expats around the world who cannot easily get financing abroad but are members of an elite group with high discretionary income.  Prime-Ex Perpetual is stressing quality, value and life experiences for expats through its extensive campaign, which has been running in the Western and European top tier media recently. 

The Prime-Ex Perpetual 125 home proof of concept will occur in the cool highlands and the warm beaches of the Republic of Panama, the top expat destination for home ownership and a place where financing homes used to be challenging for expats.   Once the concept has been proven, Prime-Ex Perpetual will expand into other international locations. 


About Prime-Ex Perpetual 

The Prime-Ex Perpetual 125 home proof of concept will occur in the cool highlands and the warm beaches of the Republic of Panama, the top expat destination for home ownership and a place where financing homes used to be challenging for expats.   Once the concept has been proven, Prime-Ex Perpetual will expand into other international locations. 

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To buy Prime-Ex Perpetual’s PEX-Tokens please visit or for more Prime-Ex Perpetual info download the white paper or follow us on Twitter: @PEXTokens


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