Marble Mining Company Accepting Cryptocurrency “Mined by Computers”

Mar 03, 2017 at 10:21 // News
Nina Lyon

From miners to miners. Bitcoin users and miners can now buy marble, limestone and mineral powders using cryptocurrency.

Mineral powders factory ‘Basis’, a mining company in Ural, Russia, is now accepting Bitcoin as payment for its goods from the Makarovsky marble quarry. The Makarovsky marble quarry was opened in 1992 and is well known throughout Russia and CIS countries for its white marble.

An instruction for the payment on the Basis web-site states:

“The first cryptocurrency that is "mined" by computers all over the world can now be used as payment for goods produced in our quarry: crushed marble, marble chippings, micro calcite, limestone flour, mineral powders.”

On choosing Bitcoin as a payment method, users receive detailed instruction, according to which, the buyer should transfer funds to Basis’ electronic wallet address and add the order number in the comments of the payment. 

Basis accepting Bitcoin for marble

Bitcoin popularity in Russia is growing steadily despite the unclear regulation status. In the meantime, the legal status of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is in the development stage. A decision on the legislative status of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in Russia was recently postponed to Autumn 2017.

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