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Jan 05, 2017 at 11:06
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European Appeal Administrative Court legalized E-Dinar Coin

E-Dinar Coin legalization. European Appeal Administrative Court has legalized the ecological cryptocurrency. E-Dinar Coin is one of the most optimal methods of payment for goods and services in many countries. The legalization allows Europeans to carry out online transactions with their accounts, to exchange E-Dinar Coin to another currency, and to mine.

The new version of the Telegram bot

Bot pays your invoices! Airalab Developers has announced the new 0.5.0 release of Telegram bot AiraEthBot. The new version has the ability to issue invoices for payment, control and send money to any address in the Ethereum network, for example, directly on the stock exchange.

YES Bank jumps on blockchain bandwagon in India

YES Bank have implemented a multi-nodal blockchain transaction. IndianYes Bank has built a blockchain-based vendor financing solution for Bajaj Electricals using technology Hyperledger. "The entire process cycle for bill discounting reduces from four days to almost real-time," the company said in a release for Coindesk.com. The solution allows Mumbai-based Bajaj to automatically debit customer accounts.

Supload pays bitcoin for images hosting

Bitcoin for a photo. The new image-hosting service, Supload, will pay bitcoins to users who upload photos to the website. Mike Reilly, the Supload’s CEO commented to Coinidol.com: “We chose bitcoin as a payment method because it’s convenient to pay small amounts to several people using bitcoin.” The business model was clearly stated it’s to make sure bitcoin is easier to obtain for users all over the world.

Nadal Antonioni to accompany the IO Digital advisory board

Former President of IBM Mexico joins the Blockchain NPO. Mr. Nadal Antonioni, former IBM Mexico president accompanies the I/O Digital Foundation Board of Advisors. I/O Digital is a non-profit Blockchain organization established to lead the development and implementation of Blockchain software. Antonioni will be actively advising the I/O Digital Team on strategic partnerships and global expansion of the company.

E-Dinar Coin started trading on BTC up exchange

E-Dinar Coin expands trading. The international exchange BTC-up started trading with E-Dinar Coin – the ecological decentralized cryptocurrency. According to preliminary agreements E-Dinar Coin trading is planned to start soon on new cryptocurrency exchanges – Exmo and Billish.

UAE caregiver to store patient records in blockchain

Blockchain technology is going to revolutionize healthcare. One of the UAE's largest caregivers NMC Healthcare has announced a new partnership in its ongoing drive to begin securing health records on a blockchain. Blockchain technology will be provided through the partnership with Guardtime, the major blockchain platform in Europe, which is known as one of the first companies to implement blockchain technology. It will enable NMC Healthcare to be 100% certain of the accuracy of all the retrieved records.

DAO platform WINGS raises $1 77 million from crowdfunding

WINGS development by crowdfunding. Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) WINGS on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains announced reaching about $1.77 million from crowdfunding. WINGS intended to accelerate the development of organization by this funding. The goal is to harness blockchain technology and crowd intelligence powering the next-generation of global project funding and management.

Bitcoin to suppress the Golden Parity

Bitcoin nears parity with gold. At around 5 PM London time on the 4th of January 2017 one bitcoin stood at 8,320 Chinese Yuan at Huobi and $1,197 at OKCoin, two of the main and most liquid bitcoin exchanges. Meanwhile, gold stood at $1,166 per ounce. Reaching gold parity is a significant event for the eight-years-old digital currency.

TechCrunch supercomputers on blockchain

Supercomputers and blockchain. The idea of using supercomputers (highly effective machines that do researches at high speeds) with the blockchain technology is gaining ground - TechCrunch ran a story on the potential of distributed ledger technology. It will let consumers to create a shared economy where anyone with a computer can borrow computing power.

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