Italy Reveals a Team of Experts to Develop National Blockchain Strategy

Feb 06, 2019 at 08:53 // News
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The industry has emphatically ended up under the glare of global economies.

The use of cryptos and blockchain technology is becoming more popular each day even amidst the bear market. The industry has emphatically ended up under the glare of global economies. The Italian ministry of economic development is working to push the economy forward.

The minister of economic development in the country, Luigi Di Maio, rolled out a call for tenders for the selection of at least 30 high-level experts in the Information Technology (IT) industry way back in September 2018, in order to draft a national strategy for accounting & distributed ledger technologies (DLT). 

Luigi regards this as a precedent for Italy and he has developed the program now in order to intensify the knowledge of blockchain and other important legal issues, and also induce public and private investments in other related technologies.   

“New technologies such as AI and DLT will offer new jobs for young Italians," says Luigi Di Maio. “The time has come for the country, to choose which side to take, to continue to follow a development process determined by the rest of the world or to be part of the change and to shape these processes according to well-designed national strategies, to exploit Italy's excellent examples in the technology sector.”   

A Priority for the Country   

Last December, the government of Italy officially presented its panel of experts, which includes various people from a variety of sectors such as IT, research, business, etc. The reports reveal that by selecting these experts, a lot of emphasis has been put to the knowledge and experience of DLT plus artificial intelligence (AI), as Coinidol reported.   

In September, 2018, Luigi revealed that the precedence for Italy was to understand, intensify and address the issue of blockchain and also grow high public and private investment in this space.   

In order to attain this target, the recently selected group of experts will have to: Monitor and canvas existing private initiatives at the national level, their developments plus the socio-economic impact; Ascertain use cases for blockchain in the public sector, elevate and support their airing; Ascertain the requisite tools to form and ensure an economic, political and regulatory atmosphere in a manner that citizens and businesses (especially SMEs & startups), can grasp the ability of these technologies and their benefits; and Develop technical & legal tools in order to enable the airing of smart contracts.   

However, to guarantee maximum transparency, and also gain from the effort of all stakeholders, the national strategy one successfully drafted, will be no doubt be subject to public consultation.   

The Italian Senate Committee recently took a step toward effectively regulating distributed ledger technology in order to boost the economy of the country, as Coinidol reported.

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