IT Shield: Russian Military Believes Blockchain Technology will Completely Defeat Hackers

Jul 04, 2018 at 07:44 // News
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Blockchain technology will completely defeat hackers.

The Russian Federation Ministry of Defence is creating a very strong and sui generis research laboratory inside the ERA technologies park, where all technologies associated with blockchain will be developed and put into practical use to improve cybersecurity and control cyber onfall on extremely important information infrastructure,  according to Izvestia news outlet.

Trespassers To Face Concrete Walls Of Blockchain

Blockchain professional experts are hopeful that this technology will enable the army to track the initial origin of hack attacks and also ameliorate its databases security in particular. 

Alexey Malanov, an expert from Kaspersky anti-virus laboratory, believes that advanced Blockchain technologies empower the tracing of hack attacks. Malanov said: 

"A trespasser often clears the permission log to hide traces of unauthorised access to the device. However,  if the log is distributed among several devices (for example, via Blockchain technology), this risk can be minimized." 

Blockchain A Secure Way To Store Information 

Since Blockchain is a useful and innovative technology,  it can widely be used in both the army and business. As viruses can make changes in data or software code, and fand to cover it away from data integrity controllers,  blockchain technology can securely keep the reference code and guarantee independent verification and code or data authenticity. 

Different departments of administration within the defence ministry apply this technology for workflow management and accountancy,  that sets them to be highly vulnerable to hack attacks. 

The chairman of the Digital Economy Development Fund, German Klimenko, revealed that the defence ministry is currently accelerating bullish IT developments and major research endeavours,  that is a great concept for the industry. 

Who Is Who 

The one in charge of R&D will be the 8th Directorate of General Staff, that is accountable for state secrets protection and information security, and will take place in Anapa-based ERA technopark. 

ERA particularly specialises in developing intelligent systems used in detection and prevention of many computer attacks targeting information infrastructure of military forces. It will be developed until it becomes an IT industry hub for most of the specialists across Russia and the world at large. 

Pentagon and NATO are making a thorough research on the defence usages of blockchains. The blockchain technology is widely applied in protecting the systems from major cyber attacks. NATO will apply blockchain technology to concretely safeguard financial information, supply, and logistics chains and the Pentagon will work on a strong hack-proof data transfer mechanism.

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