December 7,
Blockchain Technology for Legal Marijuana Turnover

Blockchain technology as the solution of financial and media issues in the legal turnover of marijuana. Medical cannabis, increases taste sensations of cancer patients, relieves posttraumatic disorders and is able to reduce pain after chemotherapy or surgery. It is legalized in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and some other countries. However, in most countries, cannabis is in a status that does not allow a businessman to have a bank account or to place mass advertising because of a strict anti-drug policy, despite the use of this product. The CannaSOS project offers a multi-level, decentralized online transaction platform using PerksCoin token. The creators emphasize, that the cannabis industry is only a starting point for demonstrating the unprecedented possibilities of blockchain technology, as a decentralized tool for managing complex commercial relations between the participants of the market.

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November 29,
Bitcoin Futures May be Available for JPMorgan Customers

Application of crypto currency in the banking sector. American financial holding JPMorgan Chase assesses the possible risks and demand of customers for operations with futures of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in bitcoin. Experts note, that despite the recent attitude of the bank's management to the use of cryptocurrencies, they are already engaged in processing transactions with bitcoin XBT stock exchange notes, which allow tracking the price of bitcoins.

Blockchain Association and Cryptocurrency in Kazakhstan

A group of company-enthusiast united for creating the Kazakhstan Blockchain Association and its cryptocurrency. It included 6 organizations, also 15 more have already announced plans to join the new association. It is planned that the new association, in cooperation with the National Bank, will develop principles and legal norms for the operation of the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology in the country, and will consider the feasibility of issuing a national digital currency, ‘Cryptotenge’. Eset Butin, co-founder of the association said: "The association, together with the central bank will create the rules of the game on the blockchain market. After all, in spite of the fact that now there are no companies in our country that work in the innovation sphere, many people already see the prospect for business development in the blockchain."

Cooperation for Creating New Crypto Exchange on Blockchain

A group of scientists began work on the development of new generation technologies. KyberNetwork, a digital asset platform team agreed to collaborate with scientists from the University of California at Berkeley to develop a new model of blockchain exchanges. According to the plan, over the next three months they will examine the main difficulties that may crypto market participants face to develop a solution for minimizing risks. The project is supported by scientists and lecturers, along with university students. Loi Luu, KyberNetwork founder said: "Decentralized exchanges have a huge impact on the diffusion of innovative technologies among ordinary users. Students at Berkeley have the potential for an unconventional and creative approach to solving problems, so they are an excellent audience for helping to polish the idea of ​​KyberNetwork."

Blockchain-Based Project to Get More Profit

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not technology only. It is very profitable investment and passive income today. But the most important thing is making the right decision. And it is only your choice. For example, you can buy as many tokens of Cajutel (it is blockchain-based project) as you can and have a passive income. Or you can buy 1000 Dash in Dash masternode (a form of a super-delegate on a blockchain with voting rights). But here, you will receive 2 Dash per week. So yearly you will get only 104 Dash, on the other hand, Cajutel in phase 1 per token cost $15 on which it will give a yearly dividend of $52. To be more precise, if you invest 100,000 in Dash masternode you will get a yearly dividend of 10,000, but if you do invest in Cajutel ICO you will get 300% dividend per 6 years.

Government of Seoul Chooses Blockchain

Blockchain is being introduced into the public services spheres in Seoul. The subsidiary of the South Korean conglomerate Samsung Group will develop the Information Strategy Plan (ISP) for "Innovation in the development of blockchain-solutions for the Seoul city." According to the contract on cooperation between Samsung SDS and the Government of Seoul, the company will engage in the integration of blockchain technology into the work of municipal bodies to ensure transparency of the activities of state bodies and organizations. It is planned that by 2022, new technologies will be introduced in the sphere of municipal management, charity, public transport and security.

Disclaimer. These videos are brought to you by in partnership with Koles Coin News Channel. This information is provided by a third-party source and should not be viewed as an endorsement by CoinIdol. Readers should do their own research before investing funds in any company.

November 28,
Blockchain Integration at the Largest Airline Company of New Zealand

Blockchain increases the effectiveness of air services. Air New Zealand, the countries’ flag carrier aviation company sets partnership with Winding Tree, a decentralized travel platform. The partnership will provide advanced security and efficiency of services that include baggage tracking and ticket booking, as well as reduce costs, create a safe and fast way to exchange information for the airline. Avi Golan, chief digital officer of Air New Zealand said: ‘’We are still exploring all the advantages that can be gained from using blockchain in the aviation industry. But it is already clear that this technology will allow us to streamline the retail sales of tickets and ancillary services.’’

Cryptocurrency Perspective in Belarus

Plans of Belarus to legalize crypto industry. Aleksander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, will sign the draft decree on the ‘’Belarusian High-Tech Park (HTP)’’. It provides for the granting of legal status to the cryptocurrency, its adopting into legal circulation and the formation of the crypto-exchange market, exchangers and ICO. Igor Mamonenko, CEO of Belarussian IT group Belhard said: ‘’The maximum legalization is needed. The existing laws do not prohibit such activity directly, but it is necessary to reform the legislation so that it protects all participants.’’

Blockchain Courses in Business Schools

Adopting innovation courses in education. More and more students are now interested in cryptocurrencies and are striving to gain knowledge in this field. In the near future a number of educational institutions plan to include cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the curriculum disciplines. For example, Haas School of Business of the University of California at Berkeley plans to begin training to develop software for blockchain next semester. Greg La Blanc, professor at the university said: "In the future, blockchain will play an important role in contracting, in logistics, healthcare, public administration, operations with assets and property."

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