Robots on Blockchain: INS Ecosystem Announces Partnership with Pickertonn German Robotics Start-Up to Power Its Direct-to-Consumer Platform Revolutionizing Grocery

May 04, 2018 at 07:18 // News
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INS Ecosystem announces partnership

INS Ecosystem, the direct-to-consumer retail marketplace powered by blockchain, today announced the partnership with a German robotics start-up Pickertonn, which is working in a stealth mode out of Karlsruhe, Germany. Pickertonn is an innovative intra-logistics company with an outstanding experience in robotics, lo-gistics and warehousing. The team behind the company has developed some of the most innovative solutions being used by industry giants like Schaeffer, Kardex, WRH Walter Reist Holding, Ferag and Siemens-Dematic.

INS is developing a decentralized marketplace connecting the consumer goods’ manufacturers with consumers. INS direct-to-consumer solution enables brands to market and sell their goods to consumers bypassing retailers and wholesalers. Consumer packaged goods brands will also run bespoke personalized loyalty programs and promotions backed by the INS token as the means of reward. INS marketplace would enable consumers to have unimpeded access to any brand, at lower prices and with convenience.

The marketplace runs on the INS blockchain, which is specifically tailored to the needs of the grocery industry. INS blockchain platform is striving to become the gold standard in the retail space, enabling manufacturers, retailers and other players along the value chain to adopt decentralized application.

Pickertonn automated pick-up modules contain the 2,000 most frequently bought products, an assortment comparable with a typical convenience store. It is a mix between a vending machine and a dark store. Inside the module, robots automatically fulfill the orders in just few minutes, ready to be picked-up by the consumer. The module occupies four times less space than a comparable store and does not require any full-time staff to operate leading to 10% savings versus the traditional brick-and-mortar stores. It also consumes less energy and implies considerably reduced carbon footprint. These modules are generally connected with a distribution center to be operated by a third-party like PostNL, which INS Ecosystem has recently signed up as one among the partners for its Amsterdam launch later this year.

Peter Fedchenkov, INS Ecosystem Co-Founder said: “Our direct-to-consumer marketplace has a tremendous potential to transform the industry as we know it today. We are creating our own blockchain, which would correspond to the grocery industry specifics and challenges to power the supply chain and help eliminate intermediaries for groceries to become more affordable."

The solution being developed by best-in-class Pickertonn logistics engineers from Germany clearly shares the INS ultimate ambition and their automated pick-up module is the perfect way to enable direct movement of goods from manufacturers to consumers. I’m genuinely impressed by how they transformed the latest innovations in robotics into a real world practical solution”. Peter Fedchenkov continues.

Pickertonn managing partner Dr.-Ing. Joerg Foeller, a renowned leader in both innovation and education and an esteemed mechanical engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in material handling and logistics, said: “In our automated pick-up module we have brought together the cutting-edge robotics technology and the latest thinking in mechanical engineering to create a breakthrough in fulfillment efficiency. A partnership with INS Ecosystem was an obvious choice for us because the direct-to-consumer marketplace is a great match with our solution and in INS we have found a truly capable partner to scale our unique product globally”.

“With these automated pick-up modules, INS Ecosystems completes its fulfillment blueprint. The pick-up points are replenished by a warehouse that is also automated and managed by third-party fulfillment providers. As already announced, PostNL, the largest logistics provider in the Netherlands, will be the provider of warehousing and delivery services on our platform when we launch in Amsterdam later this year” - concluded Fedchenkov.

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About INS Ecosystem

INS Ecosystem is a scalable decentralized platform powered by blockchain and smart contracts, that enables direct interactions between consumers and grocery manufacturers. Aiming to disrupt the $8.5 trillion global grocery market, INS Ecosystem provides consumers with meaningful personalized offers leading to lower prices. INS Ecosystem raised $41.5 million in December 2017.

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