IlCoin Relisted on STEX Exchange

Mar 18, 2019 at 12:24 // News
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The innovative cryptocurrency company, IlCoin, would like to announce its resumption of trading activity on STEX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Company resumes trading with a new quantum resistant blockchain source code after a brief hiatus.

The innovative cryptocurrency company, IlCoin, would like to announce its resumption of trading activity on STEX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange. IlCoin left the exchange earlier this year to update the source code for its ILC coin. This cutting-edge update increased the block size and enhanced security within the IlCoin's blockchain network. 

Certain cryptocurrency exchanges take more time than others to complete the reintegration of blockchain-based digital assets. However, STEX, otherwise known as “Smart Token Exchange,” was among the first crypto exchanges to successfully relist ILC, opening up trading of the cryptocurrency to its vast user base. 

Highly-Secure Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Relisting IlCoin 

With a focus on ICO-minted tokens and altcoins, the STEX exchange provides users with a number of advantages. Firstly, the exchange uses unique, high-frequency trading algorithms initially designed for traditional stock exchanges. These algorithms allow for greater liquidity of otherwise illiquid tokens. Consequently, STEX performs trades at market-leading speeds and uses innovative A2A technology, allowing for the direct swap of any listed altcoins. 

Moreover, the exchange focuses primarily on user security. Boasting very few online complaints or scam reports, STEX is considered a secure and stable cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange’s support team also takes great care when dealing with user account security. Requiring two-factor authentication (2FA) for each unique user, STEX’s web-based platform employs the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) mechanism in order to properly protect user accounts—an industry standard for leading cryptocurrency exchanges. 

The Value of IlCoin, the Quantum Resistant Blockchain 

IlCoin's founders and development team have a keen focus on the development of superior technology. Created just four years ago, IlCoin already boasts a greater rate of transactions-per-second and more robust security than most leading blockchain platforms. 


The real differentiator for IlCoin is its quantum resistant Command Chain Protocol (C2P) technology. This revolutionary technology uses a series of blocking mechanisms to mitigate fraud and effectively future-proof the ILC against the impending threat of quantum computing on today’s technology. 

Furthermore, the company intends on being the first cryptocurrency built on SHA-256 technology to integrate smart contracts into its service offering. These smart contracts will be customized and allow coin holders to execute agreements within a variety of business verticals. 

The total supply of ILC coins is 2.5 billion and users can track their transactions on IlCoin's native block explorer. What’s more, token holders can store their tokens on IlCoin's wallets, available to Android, OSX and PC users. 

IlCoin Continues to Add Exchange Partners 

Major cryptocurrency exchanges around the world are beginning to add IlCoin to their list of tradable digital assets. With a number of recently announced agreements, the company has positioned itself as an upcoming leader among the burgeoning cryptocurrency asset class. IlCoin's cutting-edge consensus algorithm, coupled with its attention to unparalleled user security, helps to position the company against impending financial and technological vulnerabilities. 

For more news and information on IlCoin Crypto and its industry-leading, quantum resistant blockchain technology, you can visit the company’s Twitter page or join its community on Telegram

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