Guide to Cryptocurrency - Details to Be Aware Of

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In the modern time we live in, things are constantly changing. This doesn’t exclude the economic aspects and processes. And the ways people send and receive money and make payments are among the main fields where technological advancements are being made recently.

This is where cryptocurrencies come into the picture. Since their appearance, they have revolutionized the payment systems. That’s why they are also referred to as the money of the future.

Yet they are still a bit complicated to understand, considering the fact that not all countries utilize them the same. Therefore, to make matters clearer, here we’ll go over the details you should be aware of. Let’s go!

Basics - What Cryptocurrencies Represent

In their base, cryptocurrencies are much alike the regular currencies people are accustomed to. They have a value and represent money with which financial transactions can be made quickly and easily.

Of course, they aren’t limited by time and space, so they can be sent worldwide to and from countries where they are recognized as legal. So, to put it simply, cryptocurrencies can be defined as database entries, which can’t be modified until certain conditions are met. Moreover, they’re based entirely on the Internet and use cryptographic operations to make the transactions. Because of this, they’re viewed as online exchange mediums.

Aside from this, to ensure transparency and decentralization, blockchain technology is implemented in the process.


Many people are curious as to how this ‘new money’ appeared in the world out of nowhere. The person responsible for this is Satoshi Nakamoto. What’s interesting is that he came up with another invention and the cryptocurrency was created in the middle of it all.

Actually, those are the beginnings of the now-famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin although it wasn’t intended for this purpose at the beginning. As Nakamoto’s invention, it was presented to the public as a revolutionary peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Its main purpose was to prevent double-spending while being decentralized in full. Without a central body to govern it, it quickly showed the potential of becoming the first cryptocurrency.

Due to the lack of a centralized approach, all participants in the network were required to do their work and stop issues like double-spending. In fact, they should cover the missing central body that would control the process. And the network of digital payments included transactions, balances, and accounts, which should be valid at all times.

Understandably, users were skeptical that the system could function that way until Satoshi proved that all parts of the network could reach a consensus, giving space to cryptocurrencies as digital means to do transactions.

How the Mining Process Works

It’s not that simple to mine these online coins. There is a process that consists of various stages and involves the so-called miners as some of the main players on the online financial stage.

More precisely, the miners are people who want to gain digital coins. However, since the whole process is decentralized, a mechanism for controlling the transactions had to exist. Otherwise, all types of forgery and manipulations may occur, which can result in some people getting rich in an unlawful way. For this reason, Satoshi set certain rules when it comes to becoming a miner.

To have the chance of doing this, users are required to deliver proof-of-work. This is a product of a function related to cryptography whose aim is to keep new and older blocks together. And in the world of cryptocurrencies, it operates on the SHA 256 Hash algorithm.

Since the algorithm is a bit complicated, users should only know that it leads to a cryptologic puzzle made for the miners to solve and compete in the process. After they reach a solution, they are able to build a new block and incorporate it into the blockchain. This is how they can gain a certain number of Bitcoins legally. 

Understandably, the puzzles miners are solving are tough and require more power to be invested on the computer. In fact, only a limited amount of cryptocurrency tokens can be created for a certain period. The consensus of the network demands this way of handling the digital transactions made with cryptocurrencies.

Types of Cryptocurrencies

After all of this, to understand cryptocurrencies further, users need to be aware of the types that exist on the Internet. Some of the most popular ones are bitcoins, altcoins and tokens. Of course, Bitcoins started it all with their own blockchain technology, the miners, and the specifically-designed puzzles for regulating the transactions.

But nowadays, more alternatives arise, starting from altcoins. As their name suggests, they are there to offer more choices to people interested in this without limiting them only to the usage of Bitcoin. These altcoins are made at the network’s lowest level by writing a protocol that gives character to the coins. And the written data can’t be modified or tampered with in any way.

Aside from these, there are the cryptocurrencies tokens, which operate exclusively on an external blockchain network. Basically, most of the cryptocurrencies started out as tokens and were later developed. As such, the tokens are originally handed out as rewards to add value to something or offered to investors on initial coin offerings (ICOs) from where they can be bought.

Final Remarks

All things considered, the world of financing is moving forward with the appearance of various cryptocurrencies. While they aren’t still very widespread and allowed legally in all countries, they move the boundaries of digital transactions and exchanging money between parties worldwide. Among the things that make them unique is the fact that they are decentralized. This means that no authority controls the transactions. While this offers people the freedom to make transactions, it also leaves space for forgery. To prevent this, there are specific mechanisms that users should obey.

Now it’s your turn. What are your thoughts on cryptocurrencies and their power today? Do you own some? Share your opinions and experiences with us here!

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