Eggs in the Right Basket: Global Blockchain Offers Expertise for Capitalizing on Digital Money

Mar 17, 2018 at 08:30 // News
Eggs in the right basket

The cryptocurrency investment market is a very different one when compared to traditional forex. Not bound by geo-locked factors such as a specific country's political, industrial and commercial setup, cryptocurrency is traded on a global level and every little piece of news from any part of the world can have a significant impact on the market.

Another reason for such a volatile market is that with the ease of programming digital coins, any party with a few good programmers and a vision can develop their very own crypto tokens. This has led to a flooding of tokens in the cryptocurrency market, confusing crypto-enthusiasts on which coin to invest in if any at all.

Global Blockchain: Helping People Investing Wisely

Global Blockchain is a firm that gives investors access to a blend of crypto assets that have the promise of stability and good growth, all of which are specially selected by the well versed team at Global Blockchain. The team believes that apart from the top cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC), a good investment involves diversifying a portfolio with small-cap tokens which have potential to increase their value many times over.

The platform has an array of team members which have been involved in the business since its inception, giving them a unique insight into the financial, technological and planning aspects of the industry. Using their expertise the team makes informed investment choices that are the most secure and have offer a minimised risk of loss.

How Does the Platform Diversify Portfolio?

Global Blockchain helps diversify portfolios by:

●     Investing in mature and well-established coins such as Bitcoin and Ether.

●     Backing Token Generation Events (TGEs) in early stages for maximum profitability.

●     Selecting startups that show the potential for growth through a sound plan. The early backing of such platforms gives the highest rate of return.

●     Investing in selected, smaller capitalization tokens.

Incubating Startups

Global Blockchain’s team have the ability to recognise excellence within a startup and by giving its services to different startup projects, the platform will help the infant market to mature whilst capitalizing on the incubating projects’ success.

Global Blockchain Mining

Another of the firms concerns around Global Blockchain Mining are being addressed. Global Blockchain have recently bought an enormous stake in CoinStream, this has allowed the investment platform to have access to mining operations of cryptocurrencies. The initial agreement is on the mining of bitcoins, leading to an increase in its holdings and a more stable investment for its users. A portion of the mined bitcoins will also be used to invest in TGEs and small-cap tokens, further enhancing the platform's ability to give higher profits to its users.

With such a vast and experienced team its potential as an investing platform is gigantic, and the recent acquisition of 49% of CoinStream by exchange of 3,800,000 shares of BLOC shows the financial stability of the platform itself.

For more information on the vertically integrated investment platform, visit their website:

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