Ms.Wan Jia, Founder of ACChain Digital Asset Smart-Ecosystem, To Present the “ACChain Digiverse” at Davos

Jan 22, 2018 at 20:44 // PR
“ACChain Digiverse” at Davos

Guiyang Blockchain Financial Co. Ltd CEO and founder, Ms. Wan Jai, has been been Invited to present the ACChain Digital Asset Smart-Ecosystem at the prestigious 2018 Davos winter event.

Ms. Wan Jia, CEO of Guiyang Blockchain Financial Co. Ltd. and founder of the  ACChain Digital Asset Smart-Ecosystem, has been invited to be a presenter at the 2018 Davos winter event at 12:30pm on January 23rd. Ms Wan Jia will present a detailed report on the development of the ACChain platform and its native digital token.

Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps, Davos, with a population of barely 13,000, is both the host of, and the nickname for, the event given each January by the  World Economic Forum (WEF). The mission of the WEF — recognized by the Swiss as an international body — is to “improve the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.” The annual 4-day event is one of the most anticipated, and most influential, economic forums on the globe.

Ms. Wan Jia is scheduled to present a detailed report on the development of the  ACChain platform (including ACCoin, its root or “access” digital coin) at 12:30 on January 23rd. She will also be joining the dinner event arranged by the Global Blockchain Business Council on the same date.

ACCoin, the root coin of the ACChain Digital Asset Conversion Smart Ecosystem, is rapidly earning a reputation as the Swiss Army Knife of alt-coins. It is, simultaneously, the “spark” or trigger coin granting access to the ACChain Digiverse (where both tangible and financial assets can be anchored to regional subcoins, and then freely converted both vertically or horizontally into and out of the digital realm); it constitutes one of the three legs (along with Bitcoin and Ether) of the “digital basket of currencies” forming the supra-national A-SDR (the global standard of valuation for determining the exchange/settlement value of digital assets in terms of both digital and non-digital currencies); and it is a founder of the International Digital Assets Exchange Council (IDAXC), a decentralized body with the unique mandate of setting the standards for the digitization and ultimate reconstitution (or settlement) of real assets anchored to digital coins.

Many experts in the digital field have opined that coins featuring anchored or digitized assets represent the final wave of the expansion of the new Digiverse, a phenomenon some have dubbed “Blockchain 3.0.” In this conceptual model, coins such as Bitcoin, based on nothing but scarcity and Proof of Work, are Blockchain 1.0. Coins representing actual participation in an ongoing activity or venture are Blockchain 2.0. Coins anchored to real-world assets, both tangible and intangible, which have quantifiable value at any moment in time — “one item, one code”– are considered Blockchain 3.0. (Sometimes called “money coins” because, while not currencies in their own right, they boast immediately identifiable financial worth.)

It is considered in the industry that the wild swings in price associated with early coins like Bitcoin will not happen with Blockchain 3.0 coins because they will be “anchored to reality.”

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