eGaaS Testing Electronic Government as a Service

Nov 24, 2016 at 15:12 // Business
Jacob Okonya

The blockchain platform for global government - eGaaS - is now testing the early release version of their system to analyse the system for faults and design suitable solutions to any loopholes as soon as possible before the platform is made available. At the same time, the company is currently conducting an initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) to raise money to fund its activities.

What is EGaaS?

EGaaS is a blockchain platform for organizing economic, public and social activities. These events are powered by smart laws and smart contracts.

According to information on the eGaaS website,  eGaaS’s main mission is to free people, business and governments fr om routine bureaucratic procedures and to serve as a tool that could be used to organize any activity and exercise control over that activity without document circulation.

The team behind eGaaS comprises a list of specialists fr om the technology industries, with names such as Oleg Strelenko, Blockchain developer, and founder and CEO of eGaas, and Frontend Developer Yuriy Lomakin. world Blockchain news outlet have spoken to Jimmy Jacoby, co-founder of Arab American Design and Master Craft Initiative, about the prospects of a new e-governance platform:

“E-governance wasn’t a dream, all this time the world was just waiting for the best platform to run it, some countries are already partially running e-governance on other platforms apart from blockchain technology, i believe blockchain will deliver a more high end environment for the system.”

eGaaS, the blockchain platform for global government

Why adapt electronic governance?

Electronic governance renders all the traditional functions of the government, but on a more accessible platform wh ere people can access services online. Blockchain is one of the most secured technologies which developers at think will help make electronic governance a success. Electronic governance, according to, will cut across services like Government, Legislation, Voting, Finance, Common registry, Medicine, Business and social security.

Odondga Otto, a member of parliament from Aruu county in Uganda, says:

“I believe e-government can be a good thing for Africa, most especially in the sense of transparency and public accountability in government businesses, if incorporated wh ere all citizens can see it online on one platform is going to be a good thing, however blockchain development is still lagging behind in most african countries.”

What if the platform is hacked?

We explored the risks associated with dependence on online government platforms and found that hackers pose the greatest threats to the smooth running of this services, however blockchain technology seems to be “hack proof”.

Joseph Pindar, Director of Product Strategy at Gemalto, an international digital security company, said that:

“Blockchain is not entirely hack proof as many people in the industry think, but it provides an easy way of data security and analysis.”

Alexander Yurev, Senior information security engineer, Security Operations Center (SOC), and CEO and founder of icoinsoftware, a blockchain asset exchange startup said to

“Data protection is still a challenge to every company today, as technology improves so do reverse engineering to hack do, making it just a matter of acquiring the right knowledge for an average coder to break into a new system. The only reliable way of securing data is through using the most robust softwares and hardwares and having security analysts working 24/7 in data centers.”

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