New Innovative System Allowing to Earn a Cryptocurrency for Viewing Advertising

Dec 19, 2017 at 11:43 // News
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AdMine a new innovative system allows you to receive money for viewing ads and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to the maximum

The AdMine team, which has a rich experience in the advertising market, has created a new project, collecting the best ideas in it.

What is AdMine?

The first social network of brands, uniting the interests of users and advertising brands;

Users receive money for advertising;

  • The first social network of brands, uniting the interests of users and advertising brands;

  • Users receive money for advertising;

  • A system based on Blockchain technology;

  • Direct calculations within the system, the absence of intermediaries;

  • A system that makes it possible to extract crypto currency without using computer power.

The AdMine project is designed to effectively use the potential of the Internet advertising industry. The main goal of the project is to create a system that benefits each participant and ensures full protection of personal data and payment transactions.

The platform gives huge advantages to each of the participants:

  • The AdMine system works with any browser, with any search engine, any application or game.

  • Each owner of his site or application can connect to AdMine absolutely for free.

  • Advertising exchanges can use the API, which will allow them to sell all unsold traffic for free, turning it into CPA-targeted advertising.

  • Users can subscribe to favorite brands and view only those ads that they themselves have chosen.

  • The AdMine project offers targeting, which has no analogues in the world. Advertisers find the best audience for displaying ads. Audience selection is performed by smart contracts that have exclusive access to personal data of users. For the provision of personal data, each user receives money.

  • AdMine does not transfer personal data to third parties, the search is carried out by smart contracts inside the closed storage, keeping the confidentiality of each user of the system. For an advertiser, only anonymous statistics on the performance of the terms of smart contracts are available. In addition, each user can see a condition that has become decisive for his choice.

  • AdMine provides unique opportunities for performing various tasks. A few examples: product quality assessment (survey among subscribers), game testing (you do not need to keep staff, you can attract thousands of testers around the world overnight), paid filters (any brand can create a unique targeting, add any new parameter).

  • Users receive coins directly from advertisers for doing marketing quests and viewing ads. The advertiser himself determines what price he pays users for each viewing.

Users receive a crypto currency for:

  • viewing advertising;

  • evaluation of the quality of the goods;

  • provision of personal data for analytical services;

  • testing games and more.

The received cryptocurrency can be:

  • Spend on online shopping.

  • Withdraw to a bank account or card.

  • Exchange for other types of crypto currency.

18 December Pre-Sale ICO Starts

1 day 50% bonus tokens

2-3 day 30% bonus tokens

From the 4th day 25% bonus tokens  

  • As part of raising funds for the development of the project, AdMine has created a campaign based on ICO.

  • AdMine releases MediaCoin tokens based on the ERC20 smart contract technology standard.

  • Settlements within the system are made through a token through a local financial system that is independent of external currencies and quotations.

AdMine automatically redeems tokens from investors:

  • AdMine is designed in such a way that when a user purchases an internal currency (MediaCoin) by any user, the platform automatically generates an application on the exchange for the purchase of MediaCoins from investors at the current exchange rate. For the user this process will be invisible, the user will receive a balance on his wallet, in proportion to the amount of transfer.

Turnover of Tokens

  • Tokens are produced in a limited number - 100 000 000 - without the possibility of subsequent issue;

  • Tokens are purchased by participants for settlements within the system or for their exchange with a view to making a profit;

  • At the end of the ICO, all tokens are distributed among investors, and unsold tokens will be deleted;

  • This approach will ensure the absence of inflation within the system.

The more participants, the greater the income of investors. Investors can sell tokens to new users, and also see in real time how the embedded advertising money is used.

PRE ICO: 18.12.17 - 19.01.18
ICO START: 19.03.18
ICO FINISH: 20.04.18

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