Dohrnii - Simplifying Cryptocurrency Trading for the Average Investor

May 26, 2021 at 09:26 // News
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Becoming a successful trader requires a complex set of skills

According to Statista, in 2020, over 55% of all Americans were investing in stocks. Dozens of trading platforms have emerged over the years, each offering a wide scope of functionalities and lucrative terms for new investors such as sign-up bonuses. Albeit the easy accessibility to everyone who wishes to get into it, trading is far from simple.

Becoming a successful trader requires a complex set of skills that combine knowledge, discipline and persistence. Many are lacking at least one of those, hence the very low percentage of successful traders in the long term (just about 3.5% for day traders). A new player enters the market proposing a comprehensive solution with the mission of simplifying trading through the latest advancements in technology.

Today, more than 40 million people worldwide use some type of cryptocurrency. While trading stocks is without a doubt difficult, cryptocurrencies create a new set of challenges that even experienced traders are finding difficult to overcome. As a result, crypto investors are struggling to turn a profit. Merely 5% of them are on the positive side in the long term, suggesting two possible scenarios - either many people are getting into crypto trading without the proper knowledge, or trading cryptocurrencies is even more complex than anticipated. While the first could be easily true, the latter is up for a debate. 

While the statement holds some ground considering how difficult trading is in general, we have to take into account several factors that influence the discussion. First, the sophisticated technology currently used by key companies in the sector to analyze the stock markets is not applied to cryptocurrencies due to its highly specific nature. For them to function properly in the context of cryptocurrencies, the models need to be reworked and adjusted to the specifics of the crypto market. Second, the tools used to actively gather and process market data also need to be made applicable for analysing cryptocurrencies. The simulations creating stress tests and analyzing historical patterns are not applied for the crypto market, as the influencing variables are yet to be defined due to the complex nature of cryptocurrencies.

Bringing crypto trading to the next level

Dohrnii is a blockchain-based financial empowerment ecosystem built by traders for traders. The project gives crypto investors the tools they need to maximize their profitability in the long term, while actively educating them based on their current experience and goals. 

How does Dohrnii plan to simplify crypto trading and make it accessible to every trader regardless of their level of experience and knowledge? The project tackles both problems we outlined previously in the beginning of the article by starting with the educational aspect, which is the first fundamental requirement for becoming a successful trader in the long term. The Dohrnii Academy is focused particularly on crypto trading and uses traditional tried and tested trading techniques and methods that are adapted to the cryptocurrency scene. Each new user is evaluated and delivered a customized educational program consisting of the many lessons available on the platform. These are created by experts with longstanding experience in trading and financial education and come in various formats - from videos, infographics and simulated trading scenarios, topped off with quizzes and various tests that help traders test their knowledge and allow the platform to tackle potential improvement points with additional material. To incentivize traders further, they are rewarded with Dohrnii tokens for each successfully completed lesson, with an increasing reward structure as the difficulty of the lessons progresses. 


The other important characteristic of Dohrnii is the insight the platform brings to its traders. On the backend, Dohrnii utilizes big data and a complex set of AI algorithms powered by Machine Learning that analyze the crypto market from different perspectives. The goal is to create a fully coherent network of multiple AI modules that work together through distributed ledgers. Dohrnii introduces four main AIs, each of which is separated into various other lower tier Artificial Intelligence instances.

The macroeconomic AI

This main AI module analyses the main economic, social and political events that have a causal relationship with the prices of cryptocurrencies. This is the core AI that carries the heaviest workload of all.

The trend shift AI

The trend shift AI identifies potential changes across multiple sectors, analyses their effects on the cryptocurrency market and comes up with specific predictions about future shifts.

The social media AI

The importance of social media on trading today cannot be stressed enough. Dohrnii acknowledges that the cryptocurrency market is largely influenced by social networks and is thus incorporating an AI which analyzes Twitter, identifies key influencers and how their actions affect the cryptocurrency market.

The social media AI

The trading AI analyses the portfolios and actions of top traders with the purpose of providing advanced copy trading insight to Dohrnii users.

Looking ahead

Trading is a game of inches, meaning that every additional piece of data analyzed could mitigate risk and maximize the profits of every trade by a considerable margin. Similarly, Dohrnii believes that knowledge is power - the more you know, the better decisions you would take in the long term and the better outcomes you will have of your trading efforts. The project is certain that this is the only way for traders to turn a profit consistently. Their vision - to create a comprehensive, end-to-end financial management system for the cryptocurrency space - would change the cryptocurrency trading market forever.

If you are interested in learning more about the innovative technology Dohrnii is using, how their trading academy works and what are the new features they are offering that no one else yet does, visit

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